Dedicated to the lotus feet of the divine guru Shivabalayogi Maharaj


The mind into future and past – online Q&A, no.118

Recorded on 5 November 2022 with worldwide participants

0:00 Introduction from Babaji
2:03 Is there a technique where we can practice remaining in the present?
7:10 Does this nature which we see as divinity an illusion or does the divinity really exist?
9:37 How does the mind come out of the whirlpool of habits carried on from previous lives?
14:19 Is it possible for the mind to eradicate all the acquired habits?
20:43 Importance of keeping back straight and upright in meditation
21:56 The weakened mind
23:25 Is it possible for one mind to experience two difference worlds in two difference dimensions (regarding a story in Yoga Vathista)?
25:57 Time and the present as a concept and illusion
30:21 How to find peace while dealing with things in the world
32:02 Do the past and future exist for a yogi?
35:51 Does the karmic function still work for a yogi?
36:37 Does the body of a yogi have to go through suffering because of a yogi’s karma or someone else’s karma?
38:23 How does a yogi see the world?
39:06 If the mind doesn’t exist, how does this creation continue?
41:36 How a yogi exists

Discourse: Thus Spake Babaji – online Q and A No. 118
The Mind into Future and Past

Recorded: 05 November 2022 with worldwide participants

   Babaji Commences:


Omkaara Naadabrahma, Ardhanareeshwarah
Sri Jagadguru Naatha Shivabalayogeshwaro Prabrahma Rishih
Jnana Bhakti Vairagya Siddhyartam, Bhikshan Dhehi cha Sadguru Deva
Baandava Guru Bhaktascha Swadesho Guru Charana Kamalam

   Offering my unconditional surrender, prostrations with deep love and reverence at the Lotus Feet of beloved Master Shivabalayogi, I greet you all with my love and blessings.   Welcome to you all for another session.  Points to remember, again, thousands of times, but listening one more time so that it can sit in the mind, important!  Important that when you meditate that you simply watch and do not think through the mind.  When you watch don’t bother what you have to watch; you have not been asked what you are supposed to watch, just the location in-between eyebrows you have to watch.  Know that when you are watching, you are actually trying not to watch anything, but your own Self; that is important.  The mind has to become quiet.  That is the first and foremost important thing.

Start of Questions and Answers

Question:   My pranaams at the Lotus feet of Swamiji and Sri Babaji.  Thank You Babaji for giving me this opportunity and thank you Simon and Zen for conducting this session.  I’m very fortunate today.  Not taking too much time I just straight want to go to the session of the question and answer.

   Baba, a few days back I was reading this book Yoga Vashista.  I have thought this several times, but that particular day it really struck me that yes, mind is never in the present and the moment it comes into the present it stops for a while.  It stops for a while and it gives the clue of your true being, your true awareness. And that’s the point when you’re connected to yourself, and you feel happy. And I realized that day that when You say that the true happiness, the happiness should be un-wavered.  It should not waver because the mind is always, you know, like a football; it’s goes into the past and regrets something, goes into the future and expects something great, something good – so both the times mind is always in a battle of past and future.  The moment it experiences the present, it comes to a settlement.  So, Baba is there any technique where we can practice this all the time to achieve this happiness and to remain in the present?

Babaji Maharaj:   Well definitely, that’s what it is said -mind is either brooding about the past or is anxious with expectations about the future.  Whereas I have always told, about future you can always plan, but need not be anxious, and about the past, it’s not going to come back; only you have to realize if you had committed any mistakes, and if historically there has been any mistakes, you learn lessons and you don’t repeat them again.  This is one thing.  And now coming to the technique.  Throughout the day when you are active, other than meditation, acceptance is one such thing.  Acceptance is always in the present.  You accept anything that has happened; it has come to the present, it’s already over, so accept the results.  That’s what in Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna talks, “You don’t have any right to results, but you have a right to put in your efforts.”  Karmanye Vadhikareste, Maa Phaleshu Kadaachana

   So, that’s what it is, means acceptance.  This is the simple understanding.  If you can accept and go on doing things, you plan but you don’t have to be anxious; the mind always jumps if there are expectations.  Many people might ask, “Without expectations how can we work?”  You set a target but the expectation doesn’t mean all the moments you have to be in anxiousness.  Then put in efforts, remain focused.  When you are focused in the present, when you work, then you can shape a better future also.  Thus, your mind shall remain in the present at all times; it won’t bother about the moment that has gone and it is not anxious about the moment that’s going to come.  That’s what spirituality teaches, to face the moment – when the moment comes, we will see, whatever it is.  Once it is beyond our capacity we leave it to the nature, to the Divinity and accept it.  So like this if we do, this is karma yoga, and the mind can always remain neutralized into the present; it’s one of the easiest ways appearing, but it may not be as easy as we say.

 Acceptance is a very difficult thing.  People have expectations and they become anxious, they become tense, stressed out, everything happens.  “Why this has not happened?”  Often, we go into a head-on collision with this world; world is going on, on its own.  Some Super Consciousness, Supreme Consciousness has created or whatever has happened; it is not we who are handling this universe, so when it is beyond our capacity, we just put an effort and surrender to the Divinity.  That is the best way to keep the mind neutralized into the present.

Question:   Baba, You said the nature is Divinity.  And the nature takes care.  So, sometimes we think… of course, nature does take care because there is a one universal law in the nature, works for everyone; means there is no duality in the nature, but is this nature which we see as a Divinity also illusion, or it’s a mental illusion, or the Divinity exists and works in a real uniform way?

Babaji Maharaj:   Divinity definitely exists. The basic clue is your own mind.  The mind itself is infinite, nobody has seen it in naked eyes.  It is the mind which visualizes thoughts and visions.  It keeps thinking always; it has the ability to be creative, that’s why it keeps thinking.  Thinking itself is not a problem but when it goes out of control, it forgets about itself.  If mind is a droplet, the ocean of that mind is recognized as Divinity, because in our mind if we adopt the remembrance or meditation of that Divinity even by imagination also, our mind achieves peace and tranquility, our sins will be washed away, unhappiness will be washed away.  Sins means here, we have to understand the grave mistake – by forgetting ourselves, by getting too much involved with the thought we have forgotten ourselves, that is a grave mistake.   Because of that, all suffering, all happiness, unhappiness, this future, past, all we are getting involved.  So, if we meditate, so then our mind will merge with the Divinity that is the ultimate truth.  That’s why it is recognized as Divinity because it can give us supreme peace and wash away our sins.  We won’t commit any mistakes anymore; we are always aware of the Self; we are abiding in the Self.

Question:   Baba, another thing which several times has struck me and why I asked about this past and future, because when You say the body drops, whatever are the acquired habits of the mind, they continue, they continue and they become the samskaras or the acquired habits of the mind which forms a next vision, or the next body.  So, when we acquire the next body based on the previous samskaras or the karmas, that also is a mind in the past which is carrying on to the future, so it never ends, means the scene is just continuing one after another, and the mind is not coming out of the whirlpool.

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, you see, as long as those habits are there, that is carried on to the next life; the mind may not remember exactly what it used to think, what was its attitude, what all it experienced in the world, but in a symbolic way it carries the habits, so that forms the basic nature of a person.  I have always told for this – when parents have different children, they will look after all children equally, yet different children may pick up different temperaments, attitude, understanding capacity, observation capacity, all these things may vary from person to person because they are bringing the basic nature which forms the nucleus to acquire further karmas, further habits in the mind as we grow up.  That’s what happens.  Now spirituality, things like sadhana, things like meditation, repetition of the mantras, or other sadhanas are all taught so that we control these thoughts and visions that has gone out of control.  So, we will bring them, we will make all the thoughts and visions dissolve, then the mind gets neutralized.  When it gives up the past, the future also disappears.  Future is only in our mind’s imagination; past is only in the memory.  That is all.  When that memory also has gone, then the thoughts and visions, everything will go away.  Based on that only we pick up the attitudes.  

   For that only the sadhana, the highest technique that our Guru practiced and gave us in our Guru Parampara, just to watch in-between eyebrows; repeatedly, every time I try to enlighten people that you just watch, you don’t do anything.  When you are watching then you stop thinking.  All your thoughts and visions will dissolve, then mind is in the present.  The moment it comes to the present, it is always in the present.  That consciousness of existence at that moment that you would experience is the truth of your own existence; that is supremely peaceful always, even if it’s for a moment.  As I have told you eat an ice cream, you feel happy, you start thinking that “Because of this ice cream I am happy.”  It is not because of the ice cream, because at that moment, for a moment the mind stopped, because the ice cream is pleasant.  It is not giving any happiness or unhappiness; it is quiet, it is tasteful, then the mind becomes quiet.  But the same ice cream you go on eating, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, then the ice cream will trouble.  The same ice cream you thought that it is giving you happiness, has started giving you trouble, so that’s how the things happen.  The mind needs to become neutralized by sadhana, by acceptance.  

   Acceptance becomes karma yoga.  “Whatever happens, it’s okay, fine, no problem.”  When you have the ‘no problem’ attitude your mind recedes and becomes quiet.  Otherwise, mind gets agitated “Why this happened, why not something else, why did this happen, all these problems?”  So, it goes into a craving.  Those cravings will give you unhappiness.  So, you have to overcome these cravings and make yourself quiet.  So, that’s what is the practice of spirituality or meditation, sadhana.

Question:   So, Baba, so the whole point is that the past and the future including the present is kind of an illusion, and acceptance going on with the everyday routine can make a practice to the mind to keep the mind more neutral?  Is it possible not to go into the past, means consciously not to think about the past and consciously not to think about the future – try to remain in the present, every day duty, keep doing, and do the acceptance?  Does it help to eradicate all your karmas and keeping the mind quiet, and getting rid of all the acquired habits?   Is it possible?

Babaji Maharaj:   It is possible.  You know it is the mind which experiences all happiness, unhappiness, sufferings, or any such thing by an imagination that “I am undergoing this suffering; why this to me, why not that, why this world things are happening like this which is giving me unhappiness, why not something else to happen?”  This always will be there, even if you overcome one problem, another problem crops up because mind likes and dislikes; when it dislikes, this is a duality – if one is there, another also follows.  You overcome one dislike and try to keep whatever you like, but after some time you will see that you start disliking this one and you want something else higher than that.  Like if you have a bicycle, you start disliking bicycle; you want a motorcycle.  Once you get the motorcycle you start disliking the motorcycle, want a car.  Like that it goes on and on and on, never-ending these things; and that is why the mind experiences unhappiness.  All the time there is a craving, unhappiness.  You have ten dollars, you need hundred; you have hundred, you need thousand; you have thousand, you need ten thousand – this is a never-ending.  So, this is what the mind always has expectation.  It wants more and more and more; it is unable to stop, that’s why it wants more and more.  Once it can become quiet – this quietness happens when it is totally contented.  

   If you know, the contentment is the most elusive thing that a human needs to achieve.  It is never contented; it wants more and more.  More you give, it gives you more thirst.  So, more and more – that’s what it wants.  So, once you accept the thing and ‘yeah!’ then everything is surplus….  Like I have given the example – long ago, since fifty years I keep giving the experience.  Fifty years ago, when I came to this Ashram, when my Guru sent me to look after, my imagination was very less, a small cottage type of things, which is a hut, what I mean is, and a peaceful atmosphere, quietness, tranquility is there, that’s all.  But when I came here, I saw this was big palatial building that a royal Queen had given, donated this property to our Guru, Shivabalayogi, who vested this into a Trust, so this became so surplus.  I expected only ten dollars.  God gave me ten thousand dollars-type.  But if I had imagination and expected a much bigger presidential Palace or the Emperor’s Palace then this would have been small – “Oh God, this land is very small and this building is also small.  I wish this could have been ten acres, twenty acres.”    So, like that, when the expectations go, nothing is surplus, everything is less and less, but when you are contented, your imagination is as less as possible, you are at peace and everything is surplus.  Before also people lived, when there were no cars, when there was no petrol, no oil, no electricity; they lived, they studied, they worked well, everything.  And the country, the world was going on; people traveled in different ways.  Simply, as the inventions, discoveries went on and on, what we can see is humans have become more and more weak.  In the same way these spiritual exercises also.  Meditation was the highest technique practice since ancient times, but people wanted a little easier, little easier. little easier.  So, like that it started losing its strength.  The easier you give, the person wanted more easy.  We tell you can sit in any comfortable posture and just meditate, but still people want more easy.  “Can I lie down and meditate?”  One even asked “If I sleep, does that amount to meditation?”  How can that happen?  So, if you close your eyes, will it amount to you eating your food?  No, you have to work and earn your food, and you have to meditate and earn your peace.  Peace also is very valuable.  You have to earn your peace.  When you abide by yourself, when you practice this meditation, when you practice sadhana.  When you overcome the effect of past and future, because this past and future are all in the imaginations, in the memory which troubles you always.  The past brooding will be “Oh how nice my childhood was, how nice I had this,” or “How bad that person worked injustice to me?  It’s so difficult to let go.”  This is another question people ask; “How to let go of the past? It is troubling me.  I was subjected to injustice.”  All these things happen.  So, that is what is necessary for one to overcome.  Then you can achieve total peace and happiness.

Question:   Baba, little deviated from the main topic;  You said the people ask You if they can lie down and meditate according to the… means everything has a concept and everything has a structure.  So, according to Patanjali, he says, yam niyam, ahar, pratyahar, dharan, dharana, sadhana, dhyan and samadhi.   So, one of the things is that you have to sit straight and keep your neck straight to keep the mind focused.  If you lie down it’s not possible?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, that way you see yam niyam is all that determination, discipline, and adopting such methods…

Question:   It’s not possible Babaji – can anyone say that “I come to the office and lay down and do the work.”  Not possible.  So, I say, meditation is one of the toughest things, because you have to control your mind.  And laying down is no solution, and there is no sadhana in that.  Another thing Babaji – it says that mind has weakened so much; the mind is so much weakened that it doesn’t want to leave its comfort zone?

Babaji Maharaj:   Easy expectations.  It wants everything as an instant coffee.  In one of the gatherings the person asked me a question “Just like we get instant food why can’t this Self-realization happen as an instant food?”  I told him “When you have money in your account, when you have a credit card, then you get a fast food.  No father-in-law gives you a free food for you in any restaurant keeping and waiting for you.”   That doesn’t happen.  To earn that money, you are ready to work for eight hours, ten hours, twelve hours as the company wants to squeeze out from you, because they pay salary  when you earn.  For a business, you are ready to sit day in and day out, and night and any time; you don’t even want to go for food to home, but if you can earn some money in that hour.  So, that is the thing that’s so important, but things don’t come easily.  But if you are determined, if you can adopt such discipline, then it is not really impossible; it can come.  Why can’t that happen?  We all practiced.  Since childhood we practiced.  So, that was going on and on and on.  So if that is there, anything is not impossible!

Question:   So, Babaji is it possible for one droplet, like for one jivatma to experience the two different worlds at the same time, or just like the story of Lilavati that she experiences her husband – one body is a dead body lying in her house, and she’s seeing her husband in another Palace.  So, is it possible for one human being, one droplet or one mind to experience two different worlds in two different dimensions, or is it also just a just a story or an illusion created by the mind?

Babaji Maharaj:   These stories have been narrated to explain how an illusion can happen, how the time and space are simply our own imaginations.  Whatever we imagine we get to see the same.  For Lilavati, in her imagination husband was dead eight days before and the body was there; she also imagined – mentally, it got projected by Goddess Saraswati who came and she had the vision that her husband was already born.  So, whether this was true or whatever it is, she got to the vairagya, detachment and realized the Self, finally.  That’s how she understood that finally the Self is the only real thing.  Illusion has no limits.  It can be anything.  I have always told it is very mind-boggling.  You cannot track the next birth; you cannot remember the previous birth; it is all very mind-boggling; it’s only in the mind.   What you are now is the most important thing.  You as that eternal entity, that consciousness of existence.  Like when your mind is not into any type of imagination, then that is pure consciousness.  That existence is the real truth of existence, because that has not been imagined by you, that existence.  Anything else you have imagined and the appearance is there.  That’s why I always tell it has only appearance value, this universe.  Only you as that ultimate truth has the existence value.

Question:   Yeah – Babaji, time is also, means the entire time, unless there is another relativity, it’s an illusion.  It’s a concept, means like just like You said that unless you realize your own Self, everything else is an illusion. That says that even in the present when I think as ‘I am’, this body this is an absolute illusion of my mind?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes, definitely.  Whatever the mind thinks, the things start appearing to that mind that as the truth.  See, the amount of consciousness that is stuck into this body and we always think that “I am this body, I am this personality.  My name is like this.  I am this.  I have this status,” all those things we imagine and that appears to be so solid and true.  It’s not easy to remove.  To remove that only, you have to do meditation and tapas, but one need not be scared or panicked about tapas.  It is not that such an impossible thing that humans cannot achieve.  Any human can achieve; step by step.  Don’t think of the top of the Mount Everest in one go.  One step at a time.  Slowly, slowly, start climbing, start climbing.  Don’t keep simply gossiping and standing at the foothills.  Start climbing.  That is sadhana. Then one day you will definitely be on top of the mountain.  It is possible.  So, that is how step by step – every day you practice half an hour, thirty minutes , you can take out. One hour you can take out in twenty-four hours – that’s not very difficult.  A little bit of determination and decision you need.  You need to understand that you need that exercise.  It is for yourself.  You will take out one hour, half an hour, two hours to do cooking and eating food, everything.  If you need a medicine also, you will take out time.  You cannot tell that “I don’t have time to take medicine.” But how will the illness be cured?  Then you understand.  I have told, if you realize there is a time bomb under your chair, first thing you will go out of way to save yourself.  You won’t think “Do I have time to get out of this chair,” or “I don’t have time.  Should I be sitting?” All these things are not possible then.  Simply get out you will.  That’s what will happen.  So, we have to understand the need.  We all are looking for peace.  So much of conflict is there today in this world, so much of fighting, so much of killing, so much of things.  One side, the nature is there because the nature is impermanent, universe, whatever we get to see.  Because of that, calamities like earthquake, tsunami, anything can happen, anything is possible, any moment we have to accept.  We have to try to protect ourselves, defend ourselves, but the most saddest part is destruction, human destructive mind, human killing each other, human troubling each other, unable to understand about each other.  If one wants to live in peace, the other doesn’t want to leave that person to live in peace.  They will trouble.  We want to live in peace, but somebody wants to completely take away and cut our head, then we are getting involved into a conflict.  We have no choice.  It has been imposed on us.  So, all this can be avoided if we practice meditation and if we know ourselves, if we abide by ourselves. So that is the beauty, then we will have overcome all the future and the past anxiousness and brooding things; that’s what it is. We can plan a future, we can shape a better future, but that happens in the present, when you are better focused, concentrated.  When we put an effort in the present, only that can shape the future, not simply the imagination of the future.  Planning the future is all right.  These two things are different.  We should not simply be daydreaming, but the daydreaming must happen so that we are unable to sleep until we don’t achieve that.

Question:   To live in the world you need your mind to be fully alert.  I know meditation can help you to be alert in the world also, but at the same time when you meditate, when you pursue sincerely the spiritual life, and you want to see goodness and happiness everywhere around you, but still the conflicts of the world are not leaving you in the peace.  So, how to juggle that?

Babaji Maharaj:   First thing, we must realize we cannot depend on this universe, world, earth for our peace and happiness.  We cannot depend on anybody else on anything else for peace and happiness.  Peace is in the Self.  When you are quiet, you have peace, Self-realization.  When you are able to abide in yourself. You drive a car; you will have peace when you come back and stop it in the garage.  You think, you plan, no problem, but you need to stop when you don’t need to think.  You need to have peace also, otherwise you will never get peace, if mind is into craving all the time.  You may lose your sleep, you may lose your rest, you cannot relax and you have to hold on your head – ‘Ta, ta, ti, ti’ – everything keeps happening, happening, happening.  So, that’s what you have to practice – learn to stop yourself.  Enough, let us stop; we don’t need this.

Question:   Babaji, do the past and future exist for a yogi?

Babaji Maharaj:   It doesn’t, because His mind has been neutralized it is always in the quietness, as Ramana Maharishi has told – this what we experienced.  Now I understand what was my Guru’s status used to be.  Though He used to talk, He used to scold, He used to shout, anything, but His consciousness we could see, He was quiet.  Moments, He would have forgotten, like He would shout at us; He would ask me to get out, not to show my face at all.  Once we used to come out of His room, go around the Ashram, come back, He would have forgotten, nothing used to be in His mind.   As if you write on a white paper and it gets instantly erased.  That’s what we experience.  There is nothing.  Even if we are gossiping a lot, as Ramana Maharishi says, “Such a yogi’s consciousness is the ever silent one.”  That’s what we experience.  Even if I am talking – any topic, no problem, but my consciousness does not dramatize or picturize or run, anything, nothing happens.  It is totally quiet.  It all gets erased.  That’s why to revive I have to remember again and again, if I have to deal with some topics, some situation, something I need to handle, so that becomes a little bit difficult.  I have to keep reviving.  So, that’s what happens.  Otherwise, it is quiet and it is neutralized.  So, no anxiousness about the future, no visualization of the future.  

   It is all myths that people want to see what’s going to happen in the future.  Sri Krishna says “There is no such thing called future, Arjuna.  Nobody knows what the result of this war is going to be.  But today, in this moment, you have to do your duty.  It has been imposed and you fight.  No problem, let the result happen.”  The soldier knows he will do or die.  He doesn’t bother about the result; he doesn’t know what will happen, whether he will get killed or he will be able to kill the enemy, but he goes with all valor, with all enthusiasm.  That’s an opportunity for him to show his courageous valor.  So, that’s what is important.  In the same way yogi also does not make any judgment about anybody, who is good, who is bad.  Whoever does whatever it is, they will undergo that karma.  If you eat poison you will die; if you can eat nectar, you will live forever.  So, that is anybody’s karma, but yogi has nothing to do in these things.  He is in the Self.  You imagine, all of you are educated, a yogi is a yogi when he consciously abides in the Self at all times.  If he passes a resolution in his mind, tries to visualize the future, tries to think about another’s mind, tries to know what this person is thinking, then he has lost that consciousness settling into the Self.  He slips down from the Self.  He loses that abiding in the Self.  Where is the yogi?  He is not a yogi at all then.

Question:   I fully understand – that means then the duality comes and then the Self is disappeared and then it’s not possible, means either you are Self-realized or you are not.

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes.

Question:   And no one can give you that certificate that you exist in yourself or you exist in the world.  No one can give that certificate to you.

Babaji Maharaj:   Who doesn’t know what Self-realization means, how can he certify somebody?

Question:   Baba, my next question was, but You have already answered, but still I want to ask.  Does the karmic function work for a yogi also or not?

Babaji Maharaj:   He has no suffering because his mind has stopped; his consciousness has stopped.  The world goes on.  It is the same.  His body also will grow and become old, and one day it will get dropped, but in his consciousness, he has not adorned any body at all.  It is like sleepwalking for him in this world, for any yogi.  So, he won’t have any such imaginations.  One day simply the body gets dropped and he is already in the Self; he’s going to be in the Self.

Question:   Baba, does the body of a yogi…like Swamiji had to go through a certain kind of suffering or certain kind of problems in His life.  Because of others He had to face those things, and same thing happened to You also, Your physical body.  I’m not talking about You mentally get affected, but physically You did have certain troubles created by others.  Were those troubles your karmic functions, or it just happened around You, just because You are in that scene, or because of someone else’s karma around You?

Babaji Maharaj:   Because there is nothing in the mind, actually yogi does not experience any such thing.  He doesn’t even think this was a karma, this was a prarabhda or any such thing.  Simply, it happens.  Just like the sun rises and the full moon day moon is there, all nature is there.  This body is there and it will go.  It is troublesome, it suffers, it has illness, it has this, somebody troubles, somebody praises us, somebody criticizes us, somebody is very helpful, so all these things it’s all nature.  Simply keeps happening.  So, yogi has nothing to do with this thing and he doesn’t mind anything.

   [Babaji Maharaj chuckling] When I tell doesn’t mind, don’t try to trouble me, man.  I will defend, because that is also not in the mind.

Question:   Baba, when You see the world, do You see it like functioning like us, someone is good, someone is bad, somebody’s troubling someone, or You just see it just like functioning, happening automatically?

Babaji Maharaj:   It’s amusing.  Sometimes think, the same Self is everywhere, yet because of the brain’s effects, you see? How it’s behaving, how it is thinking about others, or itself also, how the ego crops up, all these are all troublesome.  Everything happens.  It’s amusing sometimes.

Question:   My last question Baba.  The mind – again I’ll say that its creation is amazing.  It can create anything, but it can create a monster also.  Even in our puranas, in our stories, it comes that so many… like they say Shiva created Bhasmasura, and ultimately it died by God’s hand on his head. So, this means this whole cycle of the mind – if the mind doesn’t exist then how this creation goes on?  There are so many souls, so many jivatmas, erupting, erupting, the population of the world is just increasing so rapidly. So, if the mind doesn’t exist, so these crops, this human mind…

Babaji Maharaj:   You see, there is really no conclusive answer to be truthful to the Divinity, to be truthful to the real Self.  Likely what happens is because the Consciousness or the Supreme Consciousness has the ability to create; it is creative and it has the energy.  It is the combination of both Supreme Consciousness and energy; that is what is the concept of Shiva and Shakti.  So, due to this presence, always only a portion of the Absolute creates, if at all the creation happens.  As it is, the whole Divinity doesn’t happen at all to create.  It simply exists in itself, in mahasamadhi, that is told.  So, in the beginning whenever creation happens, it creates, and then it doesn’t get involved.  It remains in the Self.  Still then it is Divinity, but somewhere, sometimes the path is lost.  They forget and they become insecure, power, status, everything happens, conflicts happen, then the consciousness gets involved and it gets carried away,  you never know, so many lives.  So, finally, you cannot find a reason why and how and when this happened.  It’s very, very impossible, right?

Question:   This answer, sorry very last question has come to me.  So, the world – You exist and I exist are the same? Or my world is created by me and the world You exist is only a pure awareness?  And my world in which I see suffering, pain, happiness, unhappiness, past bad memories, future’s anxiousness, it’s my world, but Your world is just peace?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, in the consciousness it is Supreme Peace.  But if somebody prays to a yogi, he becomes compassionate, if it is brought to his conscious notice – somebody is suffering, you need to bless, you need to pray for them, then a yogi blesses them.  Automatically they receive the blessing.  That means if one has a faith and devotion so they look for a yogi’s blessing, that automatically goes to them, whoever has got the faith.  So, these are all finally not easy to define or give conclusive answers.  It’s very, very mind-boggling.  That’s why the sages used ananta.  It is boundless.  Boundless.

   You just take care that your mind stops.  Just learn to watch in-between eyebrows.  Do not delay! A beautiful physical body is available for all of you.  Once in a life cycle opportunity.  You take care for that.  Don’t keep bothering for so many other things.  It happens, it happens.  It will not happen to you if you become quiet.  It’s your choice.

End of Session

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