Dedicated to the lotus feet of the divine guru Shivabalayogi Maharaj

Your Conscious Attention – online Q&A, No.148

Recorded on 17 September 2023 with US participants

0:00 Introduction
0:11 What is the attention?
7:43 The mind produces all imaginations but it also has the ability to watch them?
9:47 Does the attention become the ‘I am’ state?
10:53 When the mind becomes almost completely silent, unbounded, do you have awareness of your existence?
12:39 Does the mind eventually get absorbed into the Self?
13:51 Once the merger happens, what happens to the mind as attention and imaginations?
15:12 Once the mind goes back the Self, it won’t get drawn back into the illusion?
18:04 What is the purpose of human existence?
20:11 Is spirituality about moving beyond the dualities?
22:32 Is the state of the Self aware of anything?
23:31 How does a Yogi rise above suffering?
26:04 Is a Yogi always aware of the unbounded awareness, even while acting in the world?
29:30 Anything the mind creates is not the truth, so how do we know the truth of existence?
37:52 What is the relationship between attention and the present moment?
40:22 What is the importance of patience?
46:45 If the mind is not Self-Realised, what happens when the body dies?
47:37 How can one get a deep peaceful experience back?
49:34 Does Brahman not witness the world because the world is created by individual minds?
53:32 Are presence and watching the same thing?
54:23 When the individual self merges with the Self, is this like a white spot merging with a white background?
56:28 If there are loud sounds or a pain in the body, if the attention is on the Self, do these disappear?
58:44 Being present is easy when in presence of Babaji, but how to be present when in the world?

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