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His Guru

Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj

Swamiji Portrait

Babaji has said, “God is never unjust to the creation. The Divine is the Ocean of Kindness. Whenever there is decline of dharma (righteousness), the Divine comes to the rescue of the universe.

Whenever mankind is attracted too much to materialism it loses its mental and moral health, which results in increasing the miseries of mankind. Tension prevails, suffering
spreads, both physically and mentally, and the people of the earth suffer from dissatisfaction, depression, unhappiness. Doubts and fear, hatred and jealousy become the order of the day. The righteous always pray for peace and happiness, for love and universal brotherhood. Then the Divine Grace descends and amazing, inexplicable wonders occur for the welfare of the universe. For the spiritual upliftment of humanity, the Divine chooses a worthy Child, a mighty Soul to carry out Its plan. Such Great Ones, rising above all differences and weaknesses of humanity, use their powers and give their abilities and energies to aid humanity; by drinking bitterness They give Their love and tolerance. They take the sufferings of humanity and give Their Knowledge and Wisdom to enlighten the universe. Their approach is always universal. They sacrifice Their lives for the sake of the world. They become the eternal, guiding and inspiring light to the universe.”

Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj was born ‘Sathyaraju’ in Adivarapupeta, a small weaving community in south India, in 1935. His family was impoverished by the death of his Father when he was very young and at an early age he took on the responsibility of providing for his family through the craft of weaving. As a child he demonstrated extraordinary determination and will, along with an acute sense of justice and honesty. Working long hours he was able to support his family and even established a small shop which supplemented the meagre family income.

Normally very outgoing and social, at the age of 14 he unexpectedly began to quietly withdraw, having little interest in the things around him, and even lost his normally healthy appetite. While out with friends at the local river one day, he was abruptly overcome by a Divine Vision in which he was initiated into Tapas – an extended form of meditation into which he immediately withdrew, practising the technique for extended periods of 20 to 22 hours a day. In an extraordinary feat of achievement, he carried on this practice of Tapas for the next 12 years, finally re-emerging into the world in 1961 as a Self-realised Yogi. He subsequently travelled about India, the USA and Europe freely and openly offering initiation into Jangama Dhyana – the technique of meditation which He had practiced to Self-realisation -without any restriction of race, gender, age, caste or religion and offering His Teachings and inspiration. Ashrams were established in His Name throughout India which continue to carry His legacy to this day. After 33 years offering His Service to humanity, and initiating millions into Jangama Dhyana, He took Mahasamadhi (His bodily passing) in 1994, but His Mission carries on freely and openly offering initiation into Jangama Dhyana and His Teachings to any seeker fortunate enough to find Him.

Mother Parvatamma

Swamiji with Mother Parvatamma

Perhaps Swamiji’s first Disciple, Mother Parvatamma was the one who, with total selfless service, took the responsibility of taking care of Him during the twelve long and arduous years of intense Sadhana; bringing His daily glass of milk, guarding the key to the Dhyana Mandir (temple for meditation) that was built for Swamiji, protecting and taking care of His physical body and in so many other ways. When Swamiji was first initiated into Tapas, His mother was distressed to see her Son in such a deep and detached state, oblivious of the world around Him – afterall He was just a 14 year old boy. It was in the monsoon season and for several weeks, storms and heavy floods were occurring in the area.  He was sitting out in the open under a tree with flooding all around Him and His mother naturally feared for her Son’s life. —Some day around that time, Swamiji told His mother that if something happens to the physical body they should take leave of it with due honors by performing the final rights that are due to a Yogi.Swamiji in Tapas during Storm— That was the day she witnessed a dazzling vision of the Trimurti, the Divine manifestation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, standing where her Son was sitting in Tapas. This vision reassured her and made her truly realize who her Son was. From that moment on she recognised Him as not only her Son but as a great true Yogi who has come not just to help His own family but the entire humanity, the entire universe. Mother Parvatamma became then a Mother not only of Swamiji but of all His devotees, dedicating her life to Swamiji’s Mission, with deep love and generosity to all who came in contact with her.

Baba Shivarudra Balayogi Speaks About His Guru, The Great Shivabalayogi

Our beloved Guru, Shivabalayogi, is one of the greatest Yogis India has produced. If you have heard and read about Bhagavan Buddha, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Shri Ramana, Lord Dakshina Murthy: Swamiji is the embodiment of all these. He is the Yoga Vasishta Personified. As Maharshi Ramana puts it, “Even if He is gossiping a lot, a Yogi is the ever Silent One. His walking would not be on the earth, it is like measuring the sky by the sky.”

When He lived with us physically, it was like God living with us.

How can anybody take His place? Even after doing Tapas, we are the dust at His Lotus Feet. I remember once Swamiji giving a wonderful example: there is a father who has a son. After some time that son would grow up, get married and gets a son out of his marriage and then becomes father himself. But he is father only to his own son, not to his father. To his father he is always a son, a child.

Coming generations may accept us as a Guru but to our beloved Guru Swamiji we are always disciples, we are always children and servants.Today Swamiji may have disappeared from the physical eyes of the world but He continues to show His presence to one who does sadhana seriously and sincerely. He is a Living Yogi. He is everywhere, we cannot limit Him to one physical body. There are so many who are working for Swamiji’s Mission, inspired and guided by Swamiji. There are so many who are doing sadhanaby the grace and blessings of our beloved Swamiji.

Baba Shivarudra Balayogi advocates that Swamiji is All-Pervading and is in every heart. He does not approve of any such ideas, of any human claiming to have become Swamiji Himself, or being possessed by Swamiji, or of the manifestation of Swamiji on any human body. Shivarudra Balayogi says that Swamiji is All-Pervading Divine. Swamiji need not and does not come from one place to another place in any way. To find Swamiji all you need to do is, do sadhana for mind control. When the mind concentrates and goes introverted, there you will find Swamiji within you, as you would find God within you.

(This statement is not in any way intended to criticize or accuse any individual or group of individuals in any way.)

1. Sadhana – The aspirant’s efforts to achieve Self Realization.
2. Tapas – Deep meditation performed for extended periods of time continually over several years.
3. Yogi – One who has fulfilled the path of Yoga and become one with the Divine Consciousness.

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