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Withdraw the mind. Do not bother about the reflections of the brain.

Perth 2 May 2009 Question and Answers.  Part Two

Baba, the Infinite Wisdom – is that still expanding, are You still learning more now?

Me? Actually it is not the Infinite Wisdom. You see once the Awareness has happened, that happens once for all. It is not that ten percent of Awareness has come and then fifty percent. That is not the thing that happens. What happens – what expands – is the imagination of teaching. Suppose for the ten years I am teaching the same Truth, so every time that expands, that comes from that Divinity only. So new terminologies are possible and new type of formulas are possible to make people understand what it is, the effort would be in that direction. So that is where it is possible. But most of the time, all these ten years most of the repetitions would be there, terminologies could be changing, examples could be a little bit changing, wherever that imagination comes. But the knowledge itself does not expand. Once it is unlimited space, space is unlimited and All-Pervading; it doesn’t have to expand more. That’s how it is.

Question (same questioner):
So Baba, have You told us all of that expansive wisdom?

It is not possible to tell all of that. Like for example, the space is All-Pervaded; it is not possible to tell how long and how wide it is. But every time we try to tell, “Now ten feet, now one hundred feet, now one thousand feet,” that increases, ten thousand feet increases, but still finally you have to experience the All-Pervadedness. That’s only when you becomes aware of it.

Can I just follow on from that? I’m really interested in a lot of new studies in the brain and brain research and they discovered amazing things about how we can use our brain and different exercises to say learn new languages, to improve memory and things like that. You’ve said before that a Yogi sort of moves beyond the brain and isn’t that interested in the brain. To really try and improve those capacities of your brain while you’re living, is it a distraction to the path of Yoga, or can they sit side by side but just recognize the Self beyond body, brain and all of that, but still work on the physical capacity?

Both are there, plus and minus. Very often it can be a distraction because the ultimate goal and the truth is to withdraw the mind and make it quiet, but as long as you’re alive you have to utilize this brain. The mind needs to remain under your control at all times, that shall be your ability, and then use the brain in whatever way that you want, then the brain can be your friend. So if you are not Realized, if you are unable to keep it under total control, so when you go on doing the research with the brain and it expands, this brain is going to show all beautiful cinema and the mind is likely to get involved with it and become a slave to the brain’s reflections. So the brain should never become master. At all times the mind should be the master, then there is no harm in whatever way that you want to use the brain. That is how, several times I have told, “The brain can be your best friend, it can become your worst enemy also; you have to be careful.” So if you know this concept and take care then going for research and utilizing the brain’s capabilities is no harm. You should never get involved. You produce any number of movies, it’s no problem; you write any number of stories, you imagine. But if you ever get involved into the emotions of your own stories, you are gone.

Babaji, brain is a biological organ. I want to know, who uses the brain? Who is there who uses the brain?

So that is the Self’s consciousness, when it uses the brain it comes to be known as the mind. Because when it wants to use this consciousness, it comes away from the Divinity and uses illusion inside the illusion. That becomes known as the mind. Because the Divine Itself is in Itself in Mahasamadhi. It does not use any imagination, does not require anything, does not exist as anything else. So that is how a little bit of clue we try to see. It is the mind which uses the brain. But after some time the mind becomes the slave of the brain’s reflections. Whatever the brain reflects, with good faith it takes it as the fundamental truth. Whereas the brain simply reflects based on its imagination capabilities. That is how very often in all your minds a certain truth can appear as a false thing and a certain false thing can appear as a truth. And thus you are likely to be fooling yourself if you have no control over your mind and the Ultimate Truth. So that is what is important.

Question (same questioner):
So that means, a thought arises, when a thought arises and it goes in touch with the brain the brain gives a picture to that thought, that’s how the thoughts can get into that analyzation, and that analyzation becomes so solid and we start believing that, “This is it.” So that’s how we come to the judgment, that this is it, and we further go into it again, into the thought process?

Yes, when the mind assumes an imagination, with the help of the brain an image appears instantly. Watching that image, the mind forgets, “This image has appeared because of my own imagination.” Considering that image to be a fundamental beautiful truth, it further tries to analyze about that image, while doing so makes a judgment, and clones that image into another thought and itself also gets broken. Like this, this consciousness called the mind gets broken into millions and billions of pieces, keeps wandering aimlessly in this universe called illusion and thought after thoughts also, thousands and millions of thoughts keep arising. That is what happens, when you close your eyes to practice meditation all those thoughts which are sitting in the subconscious state of the mind starts coming out and getting evaporated, because at that time mind is trying to become quiet. But because of the nature of the brain, it decodifies and shows everything as a visual effect or a thought process. Watching that the mind again analyzes and gets involved into it. So skillfully the Guru again and again teaches, “Withdraw the mind. Do not bother about the reflections of the brain.” That’s what I tell. When you have to live in this world you require the analyzing judgment processes, but while meditating you do not require anything to analyze or judge, you have to simply watch. Then only, eventually, in due course of time you can become aware of the Truth’s existence.

Question (same questioner):
So like You said that while living in the world you need to analyze or judge, but that becomes the mind’s habit and that is why it’s always active because it has become habitual to think, to judge, to analyze and that means when we meditate, the secret is that you should not think, you should not judge, whatever comes you just accept. So that means we have to be non-judgmental, non-analyze, then what is the use of the brain ultimately?

What happens – you have to keep the mind quiet for your sake, and you should be able to use the brain for this world’s sake; that is also needed. So if you practice the meditation and if you practice the Tapas for a long time, then this mind gains such ability. Like for a Yogi, I imagine, I think, analyze and try to make a judgment wherever it is possible but fully aware that this is coming from the Divinity and not my imagination and not my existence is there at all. Then the mind does not absorb that doership at all, so it does not absorb any imprint of those thoughts, whether it analyzes, whether it makes a judgment. Very often the Yogi does not make a judgment actually. He simply thinks and tries to do it and watch the rest of the Divine play, what happens. That’s when a Yogi thinks and does and does not expect any particular result; as the result comes, simply mind accepts.

So actual judgment really does not happen through the mind, but still I’m able to live in this world in a limited way of course, our living would be limited. The more you want to get involved you are likely to get involved with the illusion. The more deeply you go into the illusion there is always the risk and danger that the illusion is going to overtake you. So it is like when Hanuman was trying to cross the ocean, that Surasa, demon – that example is that concept – you should quickly go inside the mouth and come out. If you delay it, you’re likely to get involved in the illusion. So this skill is possible only when you practice, practice, practice meditation.

Question (same questioner):
Still while living in the world….

At all times. And if you do Tapas, and even whilst talking you should be able to meditate, means, able to keep that conscious attention onto the Self – Tattvamasyadi Lakshiyam. Lakshiyam means ‘your attention should always be there,’ should not give up. Means when watching the movie you should be aware that you are watching the movie. Then of course that much of interest does not come into the movie, you won’t be able to enjoy it in any way, it loses its effect – It doesn’t matter, because you’re already happy.

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