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Never lose faith in yourself

Perth, 3 December 2013 – Part 1


With the meditation is there a meditation to strengthen your chakras in your body for health?


Body healthy? To a certain extent it will definitely be helpful but whenever a body ailment is there it needs to be attended in that way like the body posture exercises. Like India has two different schools. One yoga is through the body control, through the yoga postures of the body and then you come to meditation and another school is direct meditation and going for Self Realization. I belong to a class of direct meditation because the mind’s application on the brain gives lot of load and lot of tension, hypertension and it is connected to every organ. So when that is lightened a lot of health definitely improves but not a hundred percent guaranteed that every ailment of the body can be cured through meditation. It needs to be attended separately through the advice of medical experts you have to go.


I’d like to ask when you say look in-between the eyebrows the normal position of the eyes is looking probably slightly straight ahead. Can you actually raise the eyes up?


No need to raise, just the level of the eyeballs itself because easily eyeballs don’t come into one direction they keep moving parallelly. Steadily if you simply watch in due course of time they both come, at that same level is good enough. Sometimes looking up could be a bit stressful also.


How does the mind and brain work together? How do they correlate between each other?


Brain is the biological organ in the body, mind is your conscious energy, consciousness. So the brain is in touch with the Universe through the nervous system and sensory organs, it receives message and passes it on and in this process it reflects as a thought process or a visual effect. So the mind always gets applied, gets sucked into this brain, thus it’s a very peculiar relationship. Brain is active because of the mind’s application and mind is active because of the brain’s reflections. It is something like the cinema is active because you have switched on the projector and your mind is active because the cinema is active, you are watching. So the mind catches all the reflections of the brain and firmly believes them to be the fundamental truth. So in meditation, without harming the health of the brain you skillfully try to withdraw the mind so the brain’s activation also decreases. So then you can use the brain to the best of your concentrated ability, whenever you need. You can give a lot of rest and relaxation to the brain also.


I was wondering about, you mentioned if you practice the meditation for six months or a year, you feel your mind change, your personality change. Do you think just by practicing this that the thoughts, like worry and jealousy and different things that I seem to get caught in, will they naturally diminish?


Definitely, you can overcome. So one gets transformed. When the mind is under control you get better understanding of the situation, surroundings. So simply by feeling jealous we are not going to develop ourselves. Simply we have to keep moving and we learn to appreciate others if they are also developing. So that type of attitude change, transformation. Worries also you can overcome, like, simply by worry you cannot change any situation. Maybe by working then you might be able to change the situation. So thinking is needed. The mind is meant so that you think and be creative. Using the imagination only the entire universe runs. So thus you know the difference between thinking and worrying. So all these things you will be able to overcome, be the master of your mind would be possible by practicing this meditation.


For a few years now I have been listening and reading about this change in universal consciousness. Talking about, for example, a new era approaching the Earth where the universal consciousness is being raised to a different level. Is that truth or fantasy?


[Babaji laughs] See the world from the open eyes. This world has both. There is definitely an awareness, a thirst for spiritual truths, so many beautiful Gurus have been coming and they are teaching wonderful things to all such seekers, though a change also is happening. As on the one side of the coin we see a lot of conflict and wars and all such things and on the other side definitely a lot of awareness also is happening.


I heard of techniques of meditation of being aware of everything, but that type of concept is still a little bit abstract to me.


Through the practice of meditation can make you aware of your real Self – the inner Consciousness of Existence. So that’s what happens. ‘Aware of everything doesn’t mean knowing what’s happening on the Wall Street in America. That’s not the purpose that you practice meditation. You practice meditation so that the mind gives up all its imaginations and worrying effects, becomes silent and goes introvert and merges with that ultimate Truth, which you call it as Enlightenment or the Self Realization or whatever it is. So that is the awareness of being there. You become aware of your Self, just like you’re watching a movie, all your consciousness is sucked into the movie, you keep thinking yourself as a part in the movie, everything happening in the movie appears to be so realistic it can give you all emotions of anger , happiness, excitement, everything. So you suddenly withdraw your consciousness and become aware that you are simply watching a movie. So that type of example, clue. That’s what the awareness means.


What is the meaning of ‘Dham Brahma Vencham Brahma’ mean?


Aham Brahma ? See, this is one of the ancient terms Adishankara has told ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ . Aham means for us that ‘I’ consciousness arises. Not that that ‘I’ as a single entity is the Brahma. That ‘I’ is not the’ ‘I ‘ that I am imagining as an individual Self. That ‘I’ is nothing but that all-pervaded, ultimate Truth, known as the Parabrahma.

In ancient times they used these terminologies because that Brahma means that existence can create an illusion but it is beyond illusion, it remains, it doesn’t get involved into its own illusion. That’s why these terminologies were used.

So ‘Aham.’ This ‘Aham,’ this ‘I’ is not the I whom I am thinking, that is that ultimate Truth.


I want to know how to avoid the negative thoughts, creating palpitations and anxieties. Sometimes good thoughts are happening in me but it’s not being constant in my mind.


This happens to almost every human being. I appreciate your sincerely. Adopting the right technology in meditation only helps to progress, means when you are trying to meditate simply watching is important, your ability to pay attention. So you might be practicing any type of sadhana is no problem but every Guru normally teachers to focus, concentrate – that is the most important technique. So if you are able to do that then the transformation in the mind comes, your mind becomes more positive. So this is important psychological and spiritual philosophically either you should be able to keep your mind positively engaged or you should be able to keep it quiet. Otherwise it becomes a devil’s workshop, Everybody, it becomes negative, positive, negative. So always try to do this one. Whenever a negative thought arises instantly, immediately try to engage yourself into some positive thinking. Try to reassure yourself, never lose faith in yourself. That is important. ‘It will be alright. I can set right, I can achieve, let me practice more meditation’ and if the mind needs some anchor that is the Divinity or a Guru, whomever you like, whoever appeals to you. Remember them, have faith in them that their blessings will always be with you, their Grace will always be with you. Thinking like that will be helpful to you to overcome the negativity eventually.

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