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Mind and Brain

Retreat Dehradun – March 2016

Question:  Is it unique to humans that there is this part of us that is in the world and part of us which is Supreme Consciousness?

Babaji: Yes, it is possible for human beings because the discrimination power is there, the application of wisdom through which we try to discriminate. When an animal sees this it cannot even think. At least we can think how permanent is this? How impermanent is this, the changing faces are noticed quickly, observed. So we try to think over that. At least this much is guaranteed, we all accept that this is not going to be like this forever, it can change at any time. An animal cannot make it out. It simply watches. It simply has to fulfil the body urges. Just like if it is hungry it has to eat something. Once it has eaten then it doesn’t feel hungry. It is OK with it. Further than that it doesn’t think. But even when the stomach is full the mind misses something it wants to look for some more things. It starts thinking.

Question:  Does the mind preserve only the habits from the brain rather than actual happenings? So that is why we don’t remember what has happened in our previous life?

Babaji:  Yes, it is the brain which stores all memories in a decodified way, that means exactly you can make out the time, the incident and place, but the mind can carry only the symptoms. It cannot remember exactly the location where we were in the previous life. But some attachment might come. With the brain’s death a total memory loss happens, we forget where we were in a previous life, how many lives we have taken. Nothing can be remembered.

Question: When this body goes I will be reborn into this same world, this same universe? Is it like that or is it when this body goes this whole universe ceases to exist and there is a whole new universe?

Babaji: A new thing comes. A new imagination grows, because this is an imagined world not the truth of existence, that we will leave this and again come back to this. This is simply in our memory at the moment. So when it leaves the body this is all given up. It can be same time or a mixture of the same and something else, but a new thing gets created, a new world. We can see that as if we are born again, we go through childhood, we become an adult. Looking to these aspects that is how we try to think. It can happen at the same place, same atmosphere because you don’t have to travel. Travelling doesn’t happen. It is simply at one place in itself. Within itself the space is created, it would appear as if there have been long distances and long time past. This all happens.

    So, if you look in this life, many times these sorts of experiences can happen. During sleep, during the dream states and sometimes while you are able to deeply go into a daydream also while sitting. This type of time and space experiences happen. You sit and go on imagining something, you watch. Suddenly some other imagination comes. That takes over and it becomes prominent and you go on thinking, thinking, visualizing. So temporally you forget that this body is here and you are here and you are imagining that world, that scene. Everything appears in the daydream. A beautiful story can build up. You are also a part of it. Every character created by you is you only, but depending on the potency of consciousness only you feel your presence in that form or sometimes you feel as if you are separately watching.

    A separation of watching happens because just now, for example, you are in this body, you are thinking and you are not able to think that it is the same you that is in everybody. All appears to be different characters, the potency of consciousness that has engulfed is much more for you than the potency in other things. That is why others appear to be separate from you, whereas this appears to be yours. For a Yogi it doesn’t appear like that. This or that there is no separation, it is all the same.

Question: It is hard to imagine that you see everyone and everything as not separate from you. I can’t imagine that.

Babaji: Yes, that has to be experienced. That is why internally I remain unaffected. Like in a dream you create another ten characters and two amongst them attack you in that dream itself. You cannot help, you had planned like that. You imagine and that’s why it happened. So it is that type of thing. Somebody is trying to criticize me, I had planned like that to happen so simply that has happened. So then this remains unaffected. It is simply like that.

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