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The potency of imagination 

Retreat Dehradun – March 2016

Question:  Why does the mind imagine all these things?

Babaji:  Just for the sake of play it couldn’t keep quiet. It is energetic. When it is energetic it cannot keep quiet. When it becomes habitual it imagines. It tries to enjoy in every imagination. Ultimately the idea is to enjoy.

Question:  It enjoy the suffering also?

Babaji:  It enjoys the suffering also, meaning in that suffering you would all have daydreamed many times and the suffering enjoyment happens. You will imagine as if you are suffering and everybody is trying to sympathise with you, “Oh, poor boy. This is happening to him. Why does this happen to him all the time?” Then that is an enjoyment. Everybody is showing that affection to you. That type of thing is imagined. That is why that imagination also appears to be good and you get involved into that.

Question:  Is that because the mind is weak and doesn’t want to be positive?

Babaji:  Yes. The mind becomes more and more weak, trying to find enjoyment. It wants everybody to be like that, to be appreciated in such a way. Both ways it imagines, positively and negatively. Sometimes you can be imagining you as the big champion and everybody is clapping and appreciating and praising. Sometimes you may have met with an accident and everybody is sympathising with you. Both is an enjoyment. That is why it is undergoing like that. One time it will go out from that situation also.

Question:  Would those thoughts that happen be of a very potent nature? If I start thinking about something now, my mind is not very potent?

Babaji:  The more potent it becomes, the sooner the materialising things can happen.

Question:  Even now, if I think about something. Is it likely to…

Babaji:  Happen sooner. In that way depending on your mental potency.

Question:  So we have to be quite careful about what we think?

Babaji:  You have to be very careful. The more you meditate that type of thinking should be avoided. When you become an advanced spiritual seeker suddenly if you start thinking about yourself in a negative way, the same thing can happen.

Question:  So, Babaji we have to get rid of this idea of enjoying any imagination?

Babaji:  That is the ultimate advice. Do not enjoy any type of imagination. You see, that is why sometimes I have told, if you call this world very good and get attracted it is also dangerous because that is not going to be permanent. It will turn itself to a negativity also. Happiness of this world will turn into an unhappiness. It gets involved like that.

Question:  When a person becomes attached to the Guru, he is not enjoying an imagination but becoming attached to the formless nature?

Babaji:  Yes eventually. That is what the Guru will train, to take the student beyond into those aspects. Silently sitting with the Master and then cherish those moments enables the mind to settle down peacefully.

Question:  Can it be that the impurities from the mind come up more when around a Master? I feel that sometimes a lot of agitations also come up.

Babaji:  They all get evaporated. It will come up and get evaporated and go away. It will get purified eventually.

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