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How do we spiritualize every role we assume in life? – online Q&A, No.125

Recorded on 17 November 2022 with Malaysian participants

0:00 Introduction
0:20 What is the key thought or anchor that we have must have in our mind to carry out our roles in life spiritually?
1:58 How do we track ourselves spiritually, what is the ideal to follow?
4:17 When we surrender whatever we do to god, is that being spiritual enough?
5:48 As a parent, what is my spiritual role to my children? Should I enforce or just encourage them into spirituality?
9:22 How to know we are operating spiritually when looking after our children?
11:16 As a child, what is my spiritual role towards my parents?
13:45 If our family members are not on the spiritual path, what is our duty to them?
15:38 How can being spiritual help us at work for example in busy and pressured situations?
17:11 If one wants to pursue Self Realisation, how does one deal with family duties and responsibilities that stand in the way?
20:07 If someone has a deep desire to serve the Guru physically but can’t do so due to circumstances, is it possible to match this in service to family members?
22:37 For people in professions which involve killing animals, to be spiritual should they give up such jobs?

Discourse: Thus Spake Babaji – online Q and A No. 125
How Do We Spiritualize Every Role We Assume in Life?

Recorded: 17 November 2022 with Malaysian participants

Start of Questions and Answers

Question:   Babaji, our topic for today’s satsang session, ‘How do we spiritualize every role we assume in life?’  Our first question, Babaji – what is the key thought or anchor that we must have in our mindin order to carry out our roles in our life spiritually?

Babaji Maharaj:   Visualize God, the Divinity which is all pervaded, that it has assumed so many roles in a beautiful, illusory story of this world.  So, we try to see God everywhere within us, in others also.  So, then our thinking can become very noble, means noble in the sense; consideration to each other.  We won’t be selfish and narrow-minded.  We would wish happiness for all.  Like thatwe can spiritualize in our thinking and in our visualization.  If only we can see the Divine.  We will respect equally whether friends, in the family like husband-wife, each other needs to respect, both.  So, then visualize God as if you are looking after God.  So, that type of thing can be helpful to purify our thoughts.  Mind would not become corrupted anymore. 

Question:   Thank You, Babaji.  The next question.  Most people are just going about life without thinking whether they are operating from any spiritual consciousness.  How do we track ourselves Babaji? What is the ideal to follow?

Babaji Maharaj:   One of the important things – we need to become aware of our real Self.  Then we would realize the same Self exists everywhere, in everybody as everything.  Thus, we will be able to know that one single Self exists, just like it is one single space that is all pervaded everywhere.  In the same way if we visualize in our thoughts also,if at all we have to think, let us try to think about the Divine.  Have total faith and try to overcome the selfishness, and the mind which often gets corrupted in this world, we can overcome that, purify the mind, and it can become a pure consciousness.  So thus we would be more spiritual then.  That is what is the real spirituality.  And thus we can become aware of ourselves.  So, all this can serve like a karma yoga.  We will be more contented and we would not be anxious about the results.  Acceptance will be there.  We always put in efforts.  We can try and efforts must not be abandoned.  We need to put an effort definitely for everything that we want to achieve, for every trouble that we would like to overcome, all these things.  But in the end, we accept the results as it comes.  When it is beyond our capacity, we surrender to the nature, the Divinity.  So, thus, we can be more spiritual in this way. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  When we surrender whatever we do to God, is that being spiritual enough Babaji?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes, if that is possible, though it may not be as easy as we talk.  But if it’s practiced, slowly and slowly, so that it becomes natural for you, eventually.  And that means when the acceptance is there for any results that come, this acceptance must happen only after we put in efforts, not before that.  The karma we must do, action.  We must try to overcome.  Like I told, all problems, all troubles, we want to achieve anything we must put in efforts by remaining focused, that is what is mindful of whatever you do.  Even the meditation, ‘mindful’ meditation people say, means, application of the mind, remain focused.  But when the result comes, accept it.  So, when we accept it, our mind becomes quiet, it recedes.  So, that is what is the spiritual form of our real Self.  We as that infinite spirit.  So, that is how we can be more spiritual if we remain contented and accept the results as it comes.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji, as a parent, what is my spiritual role to my children?  Should I enforce or should I just encourage my children into spirituality and spiritual life?

Babaji Maharaj:   Explain to them, encourage them.  Do not try to impose because human minds, if it doesn’t appeal to anybody, it wouldn’t take anything that is imposed.  But slowly if we become friends with our own children, talk to them, explain to them; like if the mind is more purified, it can remain more concentrated on any job that we undertake.  And any studies that we do, any sports that we want to practice, anything, anywhere, our mind will remain more focused, giving us better results always; more patience, no confusion, we will be able to try and sort out our own problems.  And then finally accept when it goes beyond our capacity.  So that is what – graciously accept.  Just like always we tell of a soldier going to the battlefield – he knows either he will do or he will die.  So, without bothering, he will simply do it first.  If it’s unable, if he has to die, both are equally acceptable to him.  So, his mind is at peace. 

So, like that, this can bring more peace.  And slowly if children can understand the essence of the concentration, even in their studies or sports, they can become champions.  We can explain to them, “If you study well, if you remain focused, then you can be a genius in the world.”  Any field they can go, any way of life they adopt.  So that is how we can try to be friends and explain the things to our children.  Otherwise, they can become very rebellious and stubborn, not accepting what we want them to do.  Because of so much of exposure towards science, technology and this world and gadgets, everything, what not,  hundreds and millions of things are available for them to attract so much, that they get so much exposed.  So, with that, the mind also gets confused and stressed out too much without being able to decide, take a decision, but slowly if we try to teach them, “You try to work for your needs.  You don’t have to be greedy and confused always.  Whatever you need, you work for that one.  To work, you need to remain concentrated in the present – is very important.  So, you practice whatever mind control exercises, like try to repeat any chant of the name of the Divinity, or try to meditate slowly, five minutes, ten minutes slowly, slowly you practice.”  Like that we talk to our children, and if they understand, if they pick up, then it will be beneficial for them.  Thus, they can be very spiritual.  Spirituality is when they become aware of themselves, when the mind is under their control, when they are able to practice the best concentrated efforts; all these things will be helpful. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  The next question also from the perspective of a parent.  Babaji, as a father or mother, our intentions are always in the interest of our child.  Most of the time we are not assessing if it is in the spiritual mode or not.  How to know that we are operating spiritually? 

Babaji Maharaj:   First thing, it is natural, definitely, parents would like their children to be on the right path, and in the best possible achieving way their efforts should be.  However, sometimes the children may not understand, so when it is imposed, or when we scold them, when we try to punish them, so that might put them off.  They might start thinking, “No, why is this happening?” and they might become rebellious.  So, you have to explain.  Simply asking them may not be very helpful.  So, you have to behave also, be friendly with them.  That’s why Swamiji always told, “Parents, beware, your children will be watching you.” Don’t simply give lectures to your children.  If you yourself don’t behave accordingly, they won’t pick up, they will pick up only what you are behaving.  So, your behavior is also very important.  You be friendly, give them time, talk to them.  So, always make them listen to you.  If they know that you are their friend, so that is very important, they will listen definitely.  And slowly you help them. As they achieve, they will be more at peace and more focused in their work; they can achieve better results in life.  So that’s what is spirituality. 

Question:   Thank You, Babaji.  As a child, what is my spiritual role towards my parents, Babaji?

Babaji Maharaj:   Respect them, know that they have brought you to this world, and they are ready to give their everything for your sake.  Understand these points, listen to them.  They would like you to be on the right path, develop well, they would like to give you best things.  Even if sometimes they scold you and it could be irritating, listen to them, plan accordingly your life – be spiritual,if you remember the Divine.  Remembering the Divine means, first point is for sake of mind control.  Mind should not go haywire, here and there, uncontrollably wander like a monkey.  So, you practice such exercises, listen to pure, devotional music.  Music can be a very good therapy for your mind control and focused attention.  So, this is very important.  So, when you chant some mantras, any name of the Divine or some slokas, these things can be very helpful for you in your studies also, so you will remain focused and concentrated.

 Never misunderstand the discipline as binding.  It is not a bondage.  A discipline can make you perfect always.  That is very important.  That’s why dedication, discipline, patience are all very important in life.  You dedicate yourself to what you need to achieve now.  Say if you are a student, your duty is to study well.  That’s important.  If you study well, then you can get into a good job and a better business or anywhere you can achieve very better results in your life.  So, that is what is important.  To shape your better future, you need to put an effort in the present by remaining focused.  So, for that, be respectful to your parents.  They have given you so much, understand this, and be with them and study well, achieve things to yourself so that you can give others also this awareness. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji, some of us may be with Babaji, but maybe not the whole family is following Babaji’s teachings.  So, what if our family members, our parents or siblings are not in the spiritual line? What is our role then or duty towards them in such situations?

Babaji Maharaj:   First thing, you try to be spiritual, you understand the real meaning of spirituality, and religion in fact. I have told you all that when you take care of your physical healthand mental health and moral values, so these three combined when you are practicing, then you are a real religious person; that is the real spirituality alsoto become aware of yourself as that eternal entity, that soul, the pure consciousness.  The first thing is mind control, your mind remaining in concentrationin any effort that you undertake, you are studying.  So, you try to be spiritual like this.  When you perform well in life, when you study and achieve better results, then the parents will also learn; they will be impressed.  So, you try to be on the spirituality first.  Then you can create awareness to your parents also, how that has helped you in your life, how it is so necessary in your life, in anybody’s life to take care of the mind, its peace, its health, so that you can be able to think for a larger cause always; you are not selfish and narrow-minded.  So, these things are very important in spirituality. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  At work Babaji, relationships can be quite strained.  We are always stressed and pressured to meet deadlines and achieve targets.  How can being spiritual help us in such situations, Babaji?

Babaji Maharaj:   Spirituality gives you patience, first important.  Patience can pay rich dividends, it’s a virtue that you have to practice.  Then you will not be confused, you will be able to think in the right direction.  So, do not become too much emotional, is not necessary there.  In the workplace, the relationships, whatever that is necessary, keep it to that much only.  Don’t try to go very deeply so that you get affected emotionally and your mental peace also gets affected.  So, just mind your work, your duties, whatever you have to do.  So, then it will be alright always.  Thus, you are defending yourself, you are perfect and you will not be confused, you will be able to take proper decisions in life and you will be able to adjust and manage with the situations.  These two things are greatest virtues.  Whoever can adjust and manage, they will always be happy.  They will not be emotionally affected anywhere.  So, just do your duty and then it will be appreciated.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji, if one wants to seriously pursue the spiritual path to attain liberation, how does one deal with family duties, responsibilities and relations that seem to stand in the way of spiritual development?  It is like trying to swim upstream when the entire world is swimming downstream and they are wanting you to also swim downstream with them. 

Babaji Maharaj:   In fact, you don’t have to abandon the family or the family duties.  Simply you have to learn to adjust to the situation, take out time and practice the sadhana so that mentally you are always strong, you don’t become a victim of emotions or such… like the arishadwargas of greed and anger, jealousy and all these things, you can overcome.  Do your duty, take out time, do not have too much expectations, learn to accept the results as it comes.  Then you can remain contented, then your mind will recede and be at peace.  And you have twenty-four hours.  In that you have to take just one hour and practice meditation.  The rest of the other twenty-three hours you can work for your livelihood or you can work to study, you can work to rest and you can have some time for recreation also, anything.  So that one hour of meditation sincerely done can be so helpful to keep you mentally strong, to understand and face the situation without getting affected.

 You can be in the midst of a hundred hot tempered people, but if you can exercise your patience, you can take care of everything; you will just do your duty, remain at peace, don’t get affected.  Thus, you can defend yourself mentally.  Mentally defending is very important.  Means you don’t get affected mentally, ever.  Whatever happens surrounding you, whatever people talk, whatever people shout, whatever people trouble you, whatever situations are trouble makers for you, you will be at peace.  You keep trying to sort out things, try to handle things peacefully, focused, don’t have to lose temper.  If you don’t lose temper, you would have won a lot.  You can remain contented that you have done your duty and do your sadhana continuously.  Then one day you will be able to achieve liberation even by remaining as a householder. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji, if someone has a deep desire to serve the Guru physically but it’s not possible due to circumstances, is it possible to serve our family members in such a way so that the service could match the service to the Guru?

Babaji Maharaj:   Exactly, try to visualize Guru in the family members, in your friends, help them, help the family people, try to keep them happy and at peace.  You also remain contented, see the Guru in your heart always.  It doesn’t have to be physical always.  If you get a chance to physically serve, it is like a bonus.  However, if it’s not possible, adjust to the circumstances, don’t give rise to any brooding of your mind or unnecessary losing patience and all such things.  So, you just have to adjust, see the Guru then and there itself, that the Guru is everywhere, see the Guru within you. Thus, do sadhana and serve, so it can become like a karma yoga for youwhen you remain contented at the results that happen.  Under all circumstances remain contented.  Whenever anybody behaves in any way, try to understand them, try to stand at their place and you can understand them.  You think that “Maybe if I were there, I would have behaved in the same way.”  So, forgive them, “They know not what they are doing.”  Like that.  With that attitudeyou can have a lot of peace and sort out many things and thus you can be spiritual.  One day you can achieve liberation because everything is acceptable to you.  You have no desires unfulfilled.  Having a desire is not a problem but you work it out, work out and always try, don’t give up hopes always.  Try till the last breath of life.  Even when you die you will have the satisfaction that you have tried your best.  Maybe in the next life it will come back quickly.  From childhood itself you will have the inclination and the opportunities also will be given to you by the Divine.  So that’s what you have to adopt.  Then you will be spiritual and the Guru is also always with you. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji, this is my last question that I have.  How about people who are in professions which involve killing of lives?  For example, killing animals.  How would they possibly spiritualize their activities Babaji?  Or do they have to give up such jobs?

Babaji Maharaj:   It’s up to them.  Whatever they are doing, if they do it as a duty, not attached to the results, just be spiritual, do the sadhana, keep the mind at peace,then if they themselves don’t like to do such a job, they can give up.  These things cannot be imposed by others.  You see, if it is giving them a livelihood and they don’t know what else to do, if they don’t like, when they do meditation, so then they can look for some other job, they can give up.  Like, Swamiji never imposed what type of food you have to eat,vegetarian, non-vegetarian; people used to keep asking questions.  You just meditate.  On your own when you don’t have such inclination to have any meat, then you will give it up.  If I try to impose it, then your mind will be brooding about that thing only.  Even in meditation you will be thinking about the meat.  Only in the Ashram of course we are always vegetarian totally in every way.  But outside in your private life, a person can have anything.  But Swamiji said, “You go on meditating.  If you meditate, one day you yourself may lose interest in eating non-vegetarian, and you can give up.” So that day you will be free.  You won’t be attached and that thought will not be disturbing to you.  So, like that these jobs also, if you don’t like, you give up and try to find some other job.  You don’t have to ask somebody. It is your wishes.  If you are happy, you go ahead.  If you are not happy, you give up and look for some other job which can give you mental satisfaction and peace and happiness.  That’s what it is. 

End of Questions and Answers

Babaji Maharaj now concludes the session.

   Okay, wonderful, ponder over the answers that we gave and this session.  Practice meditation.  Your mind itself will guide you to be on the right path, to do the right thing.  Finally, it is your wishes what you want to do in life.  For that you have to choose, yourself.  Others cannot take any decision for yourself.  You have to take a decision.  Any elders or any Gurus, we can try to help you to arrive at a decision what to do.  But first thing, learn to meditate regularly.  When you meditate, your mind is yours.  You will be the master of your mind and you will know what to do always.  You will never be confused.  Whatever you undertake, you will execute in the right sense.  Mentally you will not be disturbed whatever you have to do.  So, that is the important thing in life.  Once you adopt these things, life will be very smooth and you will not be affected.  All results will be acceptable and you will not give up your efforts also.  You try as many times as you want.  Never give up hope, till the last breath of life also, and you will always have peace.  So, all these things will be helpful to be more spiritual for you in your life. 

End of Session

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