Dedicated to the lotus feet of the divine guru Shivabalayogi Maharaj


The Divinity – online Q&A, No.149

Recorded on 16 September 2023 with worldwide participants

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Why does Babaji generally use the world divinity as opposed to god?
1:23 Why neither atheists or theists know what god is.
7:35 If we believe in god in a particular form, how does that help us in finding divinity itself?
12:48 It seems that the space is a void in which objects can exist, how can this space be the divinity?
23:09 Is meditation the method to enable the mind to become that space, that divinity?
28:29 In Indian literature, when giving clues to the divinity, they use the term sat chit ananda. What do they mean by this?
29:47 Is the space fully conscious and if so, does it have power to construct and destroy?
36:29 In books is it written that god is inexplicable, so why does Babaji take such effort to explain that divinity?
37:30 In the example of standing in front of the sun to receive the light, is it the same as quieting the mind to receive divinity?
38:04 Does remembering the divinity help the mind to go quiet and is this the same as meditation?
41:35 Babaji’s closing words

Discourse: Thus Spake Babaji – online Q and A No. 149
The Divinity

Recorded: 16 September 2023 with worldwide participants

Start of Questions and Answers

Question:   Today’s theme or topic is ‘The Divinity.’  And Babaji the first question is, why does Babaji use the word ‘Divinity’ as opposed to God?

Babaji Maharaj:   Generally, if I mention God, an imagination to people might come; God as a personality. To avoid that, but even in the real way that the Divine exists, it’s almost impossible to find any terminology, attribute, anything.  So that’s why the best thing we will try to say was ‘Divinity’.  It’s neither a personality, and it is an entity that exists.  That is the real thing.  So, that is the reason that I always try to use ‘Divinity’.  At least I avoid using the word God.  Rarely, it might have come in my mouth, but generally I only talk of Divinity.   

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji, You’ve said that people don’t try to know what God is.  They think it is simply ‘believe or not believe’.  And neither atheists nor theists, people who believe in God, who don’t believe in God – neither know actually what God is.  Could Babaji elaborate on this, please?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, some time ago somebody was asking about atheism and theism.  I told in my opinion, both atheists and theists do not know what the truth is.  After a stage, both loses its significance.  Means, once you realize the truth that exists, and that truth you have to recognize based on your culture, character, and the reason.  Always in science or any topic, any subject, you see, when a terminology is formed, they use such a terminology so that when we use that one, a nearest imagination might come, strike in the mind.  So, based on that only a terminology is used.  So here, theists and atheists means they believe in a system like God existing as a personality.  But, His own characteristics and so many complications, everything will come while questioning “Why this is happening in the world, why people are unhappy, why some are happy,” all these, so many things are there.  When these types of questions are asked, I have told that Divinity is not one personality who has made this world either to be happy or unhappy.  Like another thing I have used, this universe is happening due to the Divinity but not according to the wishes of Divinity.  These two things are totally two different things.  Wishes means we need to imagine that the Divinity needs to be a personality, needs to have a mind through which He will think, “Let these people be happy and let these people be not happy.”  So, that is partiality, then we could have asked him, “If at all You have created, why are You so discriminating?  Why have You kept some people as happy and some people as unhappy?”  So just like sun, the light is coming and the energy, solar energy is all there due to the sun’s existence but not according to sun’s wishes.  Whichever object comes in front of the sun, they get the light. Depending on the distance, the power of the light also varies.  So that is all that is needed.  If an object doesn’t come in front of sun, it’s not going to get a light and if it goes very long, long distance where the light cannot reach, then it won’t come.  But here Divinity is all pervaded – that’s why faith and devotion are taught.  When you develop faith and devotion within your mind, your mind becomes more purified, single-pointed and becomes attentive to the Divinity.  Or going introvert, it touches the Divinity, its origin.  That’s when the grace automatically can flow.  So that’s why faith and devotion are taught. 

Here, because the Divinity is not existing at one particular place, it’s simply all pervaded.  So that’s why there is no question of the grace not coming and you going a long distance.  You can go a long distance from the Divinity only in your imagination.  Means, when you totally become preoccupied with imagination which you think it is other than the Divinity.  And you get attracted to that; this world, materialism matter, everything like that.  And your own personality as a body.  A long distance the consciousness has travelled in its imagination.  So, that is how it has not been able to obtain the grace of the Divinity.  Because it is scattered, it’s totally preoccupied with another imagination, it is not able to even visualize the Divinity also, in imagination a little bit also.  So, that is the reason.  And that is the reason such exercises are taught like meditation.  If the mind becomes quiet, then it starts going introvert towards its origin, which is recognized as Divinity.  If it is into imaginations, it goes away from the origin, its origin – in illusion or in imagination, both are same.  When you imagine, that is also illusion.  You are into the illusion means you are simply imagining that to be, which is not the truth.  So, these are some of the reasons why I have used ‘Divinity’ and not ‘God’, and the Divine’s grace obtaining and people happy or unhappy, the theism, atheism, because both of them depend on a particular belief system.  So, in my opinion, both do not know what the truth is.  So, both are simply wasting time when they go into argumentativeness unnecessarily.  And often one tries to belittle the other.  So that is all.  They don’t know the truth. 

Question:   Thank You, Babaji.  Baba, if we have a belief in God in a form, we are attracted to God in a personality, form, how does that help us on the path to finally the Divinity itself?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, there is no harm in it, means when you imagine, what is important is that you shall not try to limit in imagination; that God is six feet high, this width and He has four limbs and eight heads, like that.  You should imagine God as all pervaded.  Then He is all pervaded for you.  The way your height of imagination there is what matters.  That’s why faith and devotion, total surrender, these things are taught in bhakti marga – ‘God is all pervaded.  He is in everything as everything. He is everywhere, simply pervaded’.  Yet we can worship an idol with a form, photo with a form.  Any such thing is also possible.  They are all symbolic.  People need to understand.  We should not limit.  With that one form – that form cannot be existing all pervaded at all times, impossible.  Forms are always different in nature.  Human forms are there, animal forms are there, world form is there, universal forms are there – so many forms. And whatever we have heard in the way of life that we have been practicing, our own dharma or our duties, obligations, whatever way we have heard.  If somebody had taught us showing a photo of Divine in a form like Rama, Krishna, Jesus, in any name, any form, but along with that we have always taught, this is not the only Divinity or God.  This is not the only God.  This God is everywhere; only one God with many forms and many names, like that we were taught.  And we grasped with total faith.  We never had doubts when we worshiped God in different form.  In our Hindu philosophy also when we worshiped God as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Devi, Rama, Krishna, any form, we never had doubt and we never had confusion; “O, I am offering flower to Hanuman, will Rama be annoyed?”  There is no such imagination in our mind.  We just go on putting flowers one-one time, one-one things, this flower, this flower, whatever is available; like that.  So that’s how we were brought up.  We heard, we read and with a firm faith we absorbed that.  Firmly believed the same thing is all pervaded. 

Of course, after meditation and tapas, now we understood everything.  I am able to explain also the all pervadedness and the symbolic way of worship of a form.  That I have always told in my talks and answers.  Like when we were children  and we went to school first, our teacher said for space, “The void place in between these two walls is known as space.”  That was in the classroom.  As we grew up, we got to study other things and understood the same space exists everywhere.  It’s simply all pervaded.  That is, knowledge has to grow and improve like that with God also.  Like many times we tell the example we should not try to put God into one box and tell that God is only in this box and He is not anywhere else.  He is here also.  You come and worship, you come and do pranaam.  But if you want to go anywhere else also this God will not be annoyed, because it’s the same God everywhere.  Like that I have told the answer also for the space all pervaded.

  Like if I tell the space exists only in the classroom of my birthplace, then all of you will laugh.  All of you know that the space means it is all pervaded, though it’s impossible to visualize what that all pervaded means.  Simply galaxies, space, galaxies, space, Milky Way, galaxy, space, space.  Space is the final Ultimate Truth.  Because everything exists in the space.  Though space appears to be existing in a matter, without that matter or object also that space can exist then and there itself.  Like I am holding this surface in front of me, laptop, and if I remove this laptop also the space will be there.  Space doesn’t need this laptop for its existence.  Like that all the matter, it doesn’t need the world, it doesn’t need the Milky Way for its existence.  So that’s how we recognize the Divinity, or God. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  So, to go into this space as being the Divinity, Babaji has said this and explained that the space itself is the Divinity.  However, for many of us it’s difficult to comprehend because the objects pass through space,  so it seems like the space is like a void somewhere where objects can be.  So, can Babaji explain a bit more how actually the very space that is all around us and within us, around us is the Divinity. 

Babaji Maharaj:   Well first point we’ll try to understand the point that you are talking; all the objects can pass through the space, so it has to be a void place.  But in other terminologies or sentences we try to understand this space what we are thinking as the space, suppose this is Divinity I tell, Divinity has that special quality which it can allow any matter to pass through its surface.  If we try to understand like this. This is the right definition, in fact – scientifically, what I feel.  So, this has that special quality whereas no other matter may be able to allow another matter to pass through its surface.  But space allows anything to pass through its surface whether light, sound, infinite bacterias, world, Milky Way, anything.  It can exist and pass through its surface.  It can appear and disappear also.  This also it allows just like our own mind.  If we try to understand the mind, nobody has seen it in naked eyes.  I have always asked hundred thousand times, “Can you show what is your mind’s color, where it is located – this is my mind, this is my color?”  Nothing.  Nobody has seen it.  But what we can understand is, mind is made up of consciousness and energy.  That is the nearest terminology I can use.  Consciousness means wherever you apply your consciousness you become aware of that.  Now when I am talking, you apply your consciousness which now has become mind, come to be known as mind because of the thoughts and visions that are in that.  The same mind is what is consciousness when it is purified.  So, if you apply your consciousness on to me when I am talking through the mouth of this body, so then you will be able to become aware of what I am talking.  That is the power of that consciousness.  So, if we try to think positively always.  So that means you have the ability to become aware of that truth of existence wherever you can apply yourself. 

Just now you have applied yourself on to your own imaginations, means mind; you as the mind.  It is you.  You are thinking “My mind.”  There is no separate entity called a mind.  It is within you only, within you only. Because it is imagining, you have identified it as mind – by knowing from so many sources that imagination has come.  Always we don’t tell, “I am thinking.”  We try to tell, “In my mind that thinking is coming.”  But both are same we all understand.  “I am thinking” also is same.  “In my mind my consciousness is thinking” is also the same.  So, that is why that thought has appeared.  So now we are preoccupied with those thoughts and visions.  Like that only we can recognize the mind.  But when it becomes totally purified, then when you feel that one, try to feel…  As I tell, amongst millions of thoughts you have one thing which is not a thought, which is not an imagined entity, which is there, which is the real Self.  You try to experience that, means all you have to do is stop thinking.  That is your responsibility to stop thinking.  Don’t ask me to stop your thinking. [laughs] Always our students want, “Easily if Babaji can touch and stop thinking.”  Nobody has done it.  No Self-realization has happened like that.  A Guru always becomes a torch bearer.  He gives the points.  He gives the clue what you are supposed to do: “You do this one.”  Like in mathematics that teacher gives the clue, “This is how you work out and then the answer comes, you will be done.”  So then the student learns.  So, that is how.  Now you stop the thinking and then just try to feel yourself.  Only you can feel your Self.  Nothing else can feel your Self.  Anything else tries to feel it ends up in imagination.  You exist.  For that you have to become silent.  Then you will see that existence is there.  But it has no color.  It has no form.  And not even formless also.  It is there.  And it is not there.  Both.  You cannot call it, “It is not there.”  It is there.  You cannot show to anybody, “It is there,” because it doesn’t appear to be there.  Such an amazing wondrous thing.  Through this self-inquiry and self-concentration, what is known as meditation, you can experience this space as Supreme Consciousness; it is not an ordinary thing.  Whatever in science or in other fields that we would have come to know, “This is only a void place, that is why” –  one argument can be.  “Because any object can pass through this, it has to be a void place”.  So that is our imagination.  We think that an object to pass through, this has to be a void place.  Why a void place?  This can be anything which might have a special quality that it allows this object to pass through its surface.  This exists.  This has been allowed by that Ultimate Truth to exist in that Ultimate Truth.  That Divinity has allowed the entire universe to exist in that Divinity.  It is holding in that one.  That is its grace.  If the matter, if the universe has any such special power, it can try to go out of the space.  Let it go if it has.  Let anybody prove it and show it. 

   So, these are the points which everybody needs to understand.  Not to belittle anybody.  Every subject has its own beautiful importance.  But simply we need to allow others also to express their opinion and try to work it out.  This is what I am telling.  Like you tell that it has to be a void place for this to pass through, I tell that this has to be having a special quality that it allows this object to pass through its surface.  Not only that, this has allowed this substance to exist in its surface.  So, like that it has been done.  So special qualities are there, this has been done.

 Simply, it is our imagination that if the matter has to exist or pass through, it has to be a void place.  That is what is the understanding of the space for the people of this world.  If I need to come and sit here in this body, this has to be a void place – that is the imagination, but not necessarily.  Unknown to me, through this body, I might be sitting on the laps of my mother, the Divinity.  I may not be knowing at the moment but if I become silent and experience that existence of the Self. When you become totally silent, that is the first condition.  Then you will be able to feel yourself.  Till then you won’t be able to feel yourself because your consciousness has gone here with one thought, one here thought, another thought, another thought, another vision.  It wants to do this, also, it wants to do this also.  All gymnastics are happening.  That is why it is unable to feel itself.  And in this jumping, the consciousness is stuck with the brain so strongly, only the feeling is of the body.  So, that is what has happened.  So, when this happens then you can experience.  Anybody can experience.  Law is the same.  There is no such reservations.  “Babaji is fair complexion, that is why he could realize; another who is not fair complexion cannot realize.”  There is no such law.  Anybody who can make their mind quiet can realize themselves, can feel themselves.  That themselves is neither fair nor unfair; neither black or not white; neither European nor Asian nor African.  There is no such discrimination there.  It’s beyond all such things.  Just like your own mind. 

   What is the mind?  When the mind thinks we might call, “O, this is the Indian type of thinking.”  But the mind itself may not necessarily be Indian or African.  When the thinking happens, we try to identify “O, this is an Indian person.  That’s why he thinks like that.”  That is different.  But when it is not thinking, to which place that belongs to?  It’s simply in the space. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  So, just to clarify, the meditation that Babaji teaches is the method to enable the mind to give up its imaginations.  And the attention automatically goes to the Divinity or to the space?  We come face-to-face with that Divinity?

Babaji Maharaj:   Exactly.  Like you see, since time immemorial everybody’s mind has become used to imaginations and be preoccupied with the thoughts and visions, life after life, life after life.  So many lives have passed by.  That’s why if I simply tell, “All of you sit down, stop thinking, become silent,” nobody can do it, nobody can understand.  “What is Babaji talking,  this nonsense?  How can you become and keep quiet?  The thoughts are coming.  I’m not doing anything,” people will think, but they are the ones who are doing that.  That’s why thoughts are there.  So, instead of talking all this, first I just try to tell, “Gently close the eyes.  You can sit in any comfortable posture.  Don’t complain that you are unable to sit.  And then close the eyes.  Just watch in between eyebrows, focusing the attention of the mind and sight.”  You bring the eyeballs here, then the mind also will be there.  You steadily watch your own finger; you will see that your mind also is there.  If anybody comes and does pranaam also, you cannot afford to pay your attention, “Hello Sir, how are you,” no problem.  Somebody did pranaam.  I just had to give my blessing, and I had to concentrate here so that I could listen to your question and answer.  Otherwise, I would have missed your question.  Again, I have to ask to please repeat the question if I had put my attention there.  So that is the power of focus.  That’s what I’m trying to teach.  Concentrate in between eyebrows of your mind and sight, and just keep watching.

  At that time, it’s important that every student consider me a commander.  Just obey.  Consider me a Master, and just have faith.  Just like we all learned our languages, or any education in the school when the teacher said, gave a lecture, gave a talk. We absorbed it in good faith.  We never asked her “Why I should tell blue as the blue, why I should tell red as the red.” She, the teacher said, “This is red.”  “Yeah, this is red, okay.”  Like that we accepted; that was in good faith.  That faith is needed in the first.  That is not a blind belief.  Faith means first you take it in good faith, and then you practice what the teacher recommends.  Through that practice you will be able to experience the truth.  That’s what it is.  Like, when you accepted it as red, as you grew up, you saw everybody calling red as the red, only.  Nobody is calling the red as black.  “O yes, this is indeed red color.”  It’s a different thing in different languages, different terminologies have been used.  All people using English language, they all call red as the red.  Nobody calls the red as black.  So, like that we gained knowledge in experience – first the faith needs to be there. 

   So, have faith, just obey it that the commander is telling you to keep quiet, just watch it and don’t bother for anything.  You don’t have to do anything in that one hour.  Anything you can do afterwards, and you don’t have to plan for anything, you don’t have to be anxious for anything.  Nothing is going to happen in that one hour.  All that is, one hour you just become quiet.  So, like that the Master teaches practice.  Slowly and slowly, twenty-three years I’m trying to talk the same topic in so many ways, whatever nearest imagination that can come to me, I’m trying to change in different languages, different terminologies, doing this, doing that.  Whether you consider me as a commander, whether you consider me a father, whether you consider me as a teacher, a guru, anything is alright – even a friend also.  That’s what Swamiji said, “Just consider me a friend and take it in good faith, man.”  That’s what Swamiji used to tell, “You, don’t even have to obey me, consider me a Guru, just as a friend, consider.  I’m telling this for your good, for your benefit, so that one day you can know that Divinity.”  So, like that we have been teaching, so that is the idea;  first to make the mind silent.  Then, other things you can understand easily if I try to explain more in that level. 

Question:   Thank You so much, Babaji.  Baba, there’s a question that’s come in from Bruce, if I can ask.  In the Indian literature, when they have tried to give some clues to the Divinity, they have used terms such as ‘satchitananda.’  Babaji uses the term ‘peace’.  Could Babaji, please explain these terms? 

Babaji Maharaj:   This satchitananda term is, when your mind stops thinking, all thoughts and visions stop.  It attains the real peace.  ‘Sat’ means ‘the truth’, chit – ‘in the consciousness’, ‘peace descends’ – ananda.   Ananda what they have mentioned is the ‘shanti’ – ‘peace descends’.  So that’s what it is, that is the terminology.  So, “Know that truth as the Divinity” also some have told further into that sentence.  When your mind is into total peace once for all, you have achieved and that is totally still, know that stillness experience as that Divinity or the Truth, Ultimate Truth. 

Mata Ambaji:   Babaji, You said that only the space has the ability to allow any object to pass through it.  But no object has this ability to pass through… one object cannot pass through another object; it has to replace the object.  It cannot pass through each other.  But the space allows any object to pass through it (Babaji Maharaj:   Its surface.)  And the space is everywhere.  It means it doesn’t require my definition of where it exists, where it doesn’t exist.  So, is that space which is everywhere and doesn’t need any object to certify its existence, is this space fully conscious?  And if it is fully conscious, does it have power to construct and destroy?

Babaji Maharaj:   It has the power, creative power, because it is able to imagine, like your own mind can imagine; when it imagines, it becomes creative.  When it becomes more powerful we use the terminology as creativity.  It can create, but it can create within itself.  It holds within – there is no other raw material there except that mind.  So, the mind creates the things in itself, and holds that also, sustains that existence.  So, that is the concept of the word ‘Vishnu’ that has been used: a created thing sustained for long, not allowed to disappear immediately.  But in the concept of Shiva, it can withdraw.  We generally use the words of ‘creating’ and ‘withdrawing’, because sometimes ‘constructing’ and ‘destructing’ may have a wrong effect on the minds of human beings. 

Mata Ambaji:   Baba, I asked this thing because recently I was reading something, it’s a phrase used by Oppenheimer in the movie.  He said that, “It’s everywhere, just the space exists.”  His friend asked him, “Do you believe in God?”, and he says ‘It’s the space that exists everywhere, and wherever the object comes it obstructs that space, otherwise it’s just the space that exists everywhere.  And the space allows everything to pass through, but not the object.”  It means the one object will not pass through the other object.  It has to replace one object from its space and with the other object.  [Babaji Maharaj:   That also the dialogue comes?]  Because he quoted the same thing, it came to my mind, because… 

Babaji Maharaj:   I did not see the movie; I don’t know any dialogue.  She is telling that.  I just told on my own.   

Mata Ambaji:   So, Babaji we had a long discussion about this.  Why I am asking this, why it can be destructive?  Because when You say that, the destruction is in our self, because through our mind, constant objects in our mind destruct ourselves.  That’s why I asked does it constructs and destructs, and from where comes the karma theory?

Babaji Maharaj:   Here, constructive, destructive, we use it when we do such work which is beneficial to us, which is not destructive.  We are not destroying ourselves.  Like we are constructive to our own personality, to our character, to our culture, our abilities, or to know our real Self.  That is the construction’s meaning here.  Destructive, we become when we neglect our real Self, when we lose our character and culture, we start thinking this body which is not us as ourselves, and lose all character and culture to sustain this body and give happiness to this body.  We become ready to do any destructive work.  So, that destructive is what you are talking, I think.  Right?

Mata Ambaji:   Because the mind has an object and the mind constantly goes into this thinking process.  [Babaji Maharaj:   Yes.]  And it can be constructive and it can be destructive. 

Babaji Maharaj:   By imagining and forgetting about its original source, it has become destructive for itself.  It is taking away from the Supreme Peace and becoming miserable and miserable and miserable in this world.  Like, this world has not allowed anybody to settle in peace.  One is impermanence; including the body the entire universe is impermanent.  And also, the things and the shape, the things that are happening in the world, need not be acceptable to everybody, every time.  To some people, this is acceptable, to some other people drinking alcohol is acceptable.  So, for us that is unhappiness, for them this is unhappiness.  So, that’s why nobody is able to settle.  So, they are making themselves destructible.  They are unable to settle down into peace, in one concept.  So, if they go back to the Self only, they can have that Supreme Peace.  So, that is how we become destructive or constructive when we have the mind.  That is the same thing Krishna has used the language, “Aatma hi aatma ka shatru hai’ aatma hi aatma ka mitra hai,” means “You are your best friend and you are your worst enemy.”  If you are constructive, you are your best friend, you will elevate yourself, uddhar.  Otherwise, you can be destroying yourself.  I hope everybody understood, and we can go for the next question.

Question:   Thank You, Babaji.  Thank you, Ambaji for your questions.

Question:   Babaji  I want to ask You, like a rishi-munis used to, in books it is written, that God is inexplicable.  So, why does Holy Babaji take such an effort to explain that and the Divinity?  I get pained to see that. 

Babaji Maharaj:   You see, I am not taking any much pain using the nearest true imagination to give you all a clue of what the truth is.  That is what we are discussing.  We are not discussing completely about the Divinity.  It is not possible.  We are not trying to measure the whole space.  We are just trying to measure the space between Moon and Earth.  That is all.  Something like that.  You understand?  

Question:   Pranaams Babaji.  With the example of standing in front of the sun in order to receive the light, would that be the same as quietening the mind to receive Divinity?

Babaji Maharaj:   Exactly.  Very true.  That is why the meditation’s first concept is to silence your mind.  Otherwise, it is so preoccupied; like a fish market in itself, chatterbox.  So, that needs to be stopped first. 

Question:   Babaji, in the Gayatri mantra, “Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi” Babaji has said means “Now it is always recommended that we adopt that Divinity, the Divine’s consciousness as a remembrance into our mind”.  And how all of our sins and unhappiness can be washed away once and for all.  How does this work, Babaji?  Does having remembrance of the Divine, the idea of a higher power help the mind to go quiet?  Or is this actually meditation that they are pointing towards?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes.  So, when you remember that Divinity means actually in truth, when you try to remember means only in quietness. When your mind becomes silent, that is what is the real worship I have been telling, right? If you all remember in the years of my teaching, when the mind becomes quiet, that is the real worship, real aaradhana of the Divinity.  Because it has no third way. Either it has to be in the world imagining or it goes back to its Divinity, its source.  So, that is what is happening.  Now, here,  “It can wash away sins and unhappiness”. Now, you all understand washing away unhappiness.  When it is quiet at all times, it is at peace.  When it is at peace, it has the peace.  So, that is one thing, that’s what the Divinity means.  That is why the Divinity is known as all pervaded in mahasamadhi, in total stand stillness; it does not wish, it does not think. Only a portion comes out and starts imagining, then it comes out in illusion.  That is what now we have become the mind.  So, that is what is washing unhappiness.  ‘Our sins’ means here grave mistake that we had committed.  Not the sins of this world that human beings have adopted.  They are always selfish.  One set of justice to the other, another set to me, like that.  “If you do this, it is a sin.  If I do it, it is not a sin.  If I rob somebody, it is not a sin, but you don’t try to rob.”  That type of is different totally.  It has no meaning at all, we are selfish. But here, sins means, by forgetting about yourself, you had committed a grave mistake.  That is the sin means here.  By committing this grave mistake, you had put yourself into an ugly situation, miserable condition, undergoing unhappiness, stress, fear, all these corrupted things.  Now, once you adopt that meditation, that attention of yourself to that real Self, when you become silent in the mind, when you meditate on the real Self, that is what you are doing when you become silent.  That is the real worship as I told.  Then all these will be washed away once for all.  So, that mistake will be rectified.  That grave mistake will be rectified.  That means that sin will be washed away.  That is what we need to understand. 

Facilitator:   Thank You Babaji.

End of Questions and Answers

Babaji Maharaj now concludes the session.

Wonderful, very beautiful questions came up today to give some understanding.  As the question was also asked, we all must understand the Ultimate Truth, we cannot explain it as it is, just like we cannot measure the space as it is.  No second thing can ever measure the space.  Only the space can measure the space.  And if you want to know the space, you have to become the space.  And when you become the space, there is nothing to know.  That is the Ultimate Truth.  Like many great sages who were Self-realized like Ramakrishna also have told examples, “When the salt doll wanted to know the depth of the ocean, it jumped.  When it jumped, it melted in the ocean.  It itself was lost.  So, there was nothing to know.”  That is what the Ultimate Truth means.  But, however, little bit clues, we try to give you also, that you can understand what you are trying to do when you are trying to meditate, why you have to become mentally silent, what is it that you can experience.  You can experience this space as the consciousness of existence when you go within.  That is what is needed.  That is why this meditation is taught, to have faith in yourself.  Practice regularly, every day you practice. 

End of Session

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