Dedicated to the lotus feet of the divine guru Shivabalayogi Maharaj


Rectifying our own faults – online Q&A, No.147

Recorded on 19 August 2023 with worldwide participants

0:00 Introduction from Babaji
1:00 Why is it necessary to look at our own faults?
4:25 Are people not willing to look at their own faults and try to hide them?
5:19 If there is some stress in the mind, does that mean there is a fault that we need to rectify?
10:16 By practicing to become quiet in the mind through sadhana are we automatically rectifying our mistakes?
18:46 For a disciple if the attention is on the Guru would they know the dharma automatically?
21:16 Do our faults automatically get rectified through sadhana or does it require separate reflection and effort?
22:44 Is life the testing ground to see if the fault has been rectified?
24:05 Why is it so difficult to change oneself?
27:26 When a Yogi makes decisions, how is that different to when regular people make decisions?
29:12 What is conscience?
32:30 When people get confused on the path, are they cheating themselves?
33:06 How do we lose our ego?
35:53 Can anyone recover from any sin?
38:37 Is taking care of each other a sign of maturity?
39:46 What other activities other than meditation can we do to strengthen our conscience?
40:29 How to remove feelings of guilt?
41:20 Is it possible to burn our karmas in this birth?
42:08 How to maintain peace in the work place?

Discourse: Thus Spake Babaji – online Q and A No. 147
Rectifying Our Own Faults

Recorded: 19 August 2023 with worldwide participants

Babaji Maharaj’s Opening Comments

   May the Divine Guru bless you all in your sadhana, to inspire you to achieve that one ultimate, the rarest of the rare; awareness of your real Self, how you exist as the eternal soul beyond the birth and death of the physical body that you might be consciously made to think as yourself.  All you have to do is just keep quiet mentally.  That’s what we are trying to practice when we ask you to just watch in between eyebrows. 

Start of Questions and Answers

Question:   The topic today Babaji, is rectifying our own faults. 

Babaji Maharaj:   Very nice, that’s important. 

Question:   And Babaji has mentioned that great people are those who can look at their own faults and rectify them.  Why is this necessary, Babaji, to look at our own faults?

Babaji Maharaj:   What Swamiji felt which we have read in some other knowledgeable books also, Swamiji always used to talk, “If we are unable to look into our own faults, we will never learn.  We will remain egoistic and arrogant always; we don’t want to learn anything.  And we spend most of the time of our life finding faults with others.  To justify ourselves, whatever we are doing, we try to put the blame on others.  These things come very easily.  So, such people are very small-minded and narrow-minded, selfish.  So, they can never become actual great people and they don’t learn anything in life.  They always try to use their wisdom into a crookedness, shrewdness, just that they think that they are the right person, the rest is all at fault.”  This is what Swamiji used to tell.  That’s why He told, “Those who are able to find their own faults and rectify them, they can become great people.  Means really great, they live for humanity, they live for others, they are helpful to others.  And they try to be harmonious, at peace and they won’t be rude or tough or blaming or losing tempers or trying to do wrong things to blame others.”  So, this is what Swamiji used to talk about also, because you will never learn if you are like that, if you just… Always we try to do something – many people we have seen, if it is successful, one tries to take the credit for himself, “O I was there, I did it.”  But if it is not going to be successful, they are very quick to put the blame on somebody else.  That they had already told “This is going to happen”, but those people did not learn.  So, that type of people we have seen in life.  So, that’s what Swamiji meant.  They can never learn things.  They will always be narrow-minded.  So, when we understand our own fault, that’s a greatness; we don’t have to be ashamed.  So, if somebody has attacked us and we lost the battle, if our country or our world or any such thing, so that means we were weak.  We were not ready to defend ourselves properly.  So, these are some of the points Swamiji used to talk about. 

Question:   So, ordinary people, perhaps, they are not willing to admit their own faults.  Is that what it is? They would like to hide their own faults?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes, they want to hide and highlight others’ faults, put the blame on somebody else.  And they justify that they were okay, alright, whatever they did was alright.  It was because they had to do like that –  that’s how they will try to present and put the blame on somebody else.  This is very common in the world, in the society.  Nobody would like to admit their fault.  When two countries go to war also, nobody would like to admit who was the wrong person, who tried to invade actually.  “No”, they tell, “This is ours.  This world is ours, that’s why we invaded.”  Like that and the conflicts go on and on. 

Question:   So, Babaji, if we don’t have peace in the mind, if there is some stress in the mind, does that mean that there is a problem, there’s a fault that we need to rectify?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, so everywhere. Like this is a very good question.  If we have stress, that means something wrong in me.  I am unable to overcome that stress or I don’t know how to overcome the stress; these technical points.  So, is undergoing a stress useful?  Can we change the world or can we do that thing?  Can we help somebody?  Like that, we have to think.  Simply, ourselves undergoing a stress, we cannot help anybody.  We might be creating headache to somebody else also. Whoever is connected to us, If I become stressful all the time and hold my head and sit in a corner, “O no, I am stressful, I cannot travel and I cannot do any meditations, I cannot do all these things,” then so many people connected who love me may become stressful.  They won’t be able to get any help from me.  They will be worried, “O God, what happened to Babaji?  Why is he so?  Why is he stressed out?”  So, I have always told, we have to be so busy in Mission work, I cannot afford to feel sorry for myself.  I cannot sympathize with me, there is no time even for that; we have to be busy.  Then the next session comes, next session comes.  We have to be working out.  Thursday we did a Zoom, today we are doing a Zoom, then tomorrow we have a function, then devotees keep coming and we have to sort out any problems.  We have to talk to people around the world, make it harmonious so that we can come and do the Mission work.  Sometimes, some places, two people are into conflict and then that makes difficult for me to visit that place.  So, they are unable to organize anything for me.  So, that is what happens.  Then I have to intervene, work it out, “Please be harmonious.  Let go of things, let there not be any ego.  That will enable me to come there and do this meditation work, otherwise it will be very difficult.”  Just for joke, example, if you and Zen start quarreling and you fight with each other and become egoistic, “I am not going to come to this Zoom class, I won’t conduct,” and Zen says “I won’t conduct,” then what will I do?  I cannot conduct this meditation.  It goes, isn’t it? [laughs] So, you have to let go the ego, be harmonious.  We have to keep it in mind, “We are working for Babaji, we need to do this one.  Not our own things are not important”,  like that one.  Many people in my Mission like we used to do with Swamiji, we used to let go our own ego, “Swamiji is coming, we have to work, there is no time for these conflicts.  Let them blame me anything, let them do anything, let me do my work.”  And I am really fortunate and happy around the world, many of you, who are all working, have let go of their own personal egos or stress or any such thing, have come forward to work and assist me.  This is what I always call, if we had to face some thorns, we have found beautiful roses equally around the world, lovely people who love me, who never show their own stress or any of their own problems; they are ready to overcome their own things in a different way, not to narrate me also, just ready to help me, they are ready to sacrifice and be there for my sake.  Otherwise, it will be so difficult to do this, conduct the meditation classes, and answer the questions if there is nobody to assist.  So, I will just sit in my place and I am in myself.  That is no problem for me; I have peace, but the peace that I have achieved, we want that peace to reach everybody; others also learn this and just do the meditation, that is all.  So, this is such an important point that you raised. 

Question:   Baba, we are all so blessed to have Babaji give His time for us every week, and yeah, such a precious opportunity.  Thank You Babaji.  So, Babaji, the sadhana that is taught, the meditation and the spiritual exercises, by practicing to become quiet in the mind, are we rectifying automatically all of our mistakes?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, how this works,  first, any corruption that would have been in the mind will decrease and disappear, dissolve in the mind, that has erupted.  Also, when the mind becomes purified, such a mind becomes mature also.  He is able to understand the situation, see reason, what needs to be done as a priority.  That’s what Swamiji used to talk about the Mahabharata example only.  You see, situation was a woman of the clan, of the same family was about to be disrobed.  Some wicked idiots, stupid corrupted people planned for that.  But in that same court, many were there who were noble, who were great warriors.  But they were all confused.  They didn’t have any clarity; “What are we supposed to do?”  Only one clarity was needed – “We need to protect this woman, that is all”.  “Anything else we can discuss afterwards; we can talk about afterwards.”  Means, the situation there; the brothers, cousins, they played the dice game.  So, they had put some conditions.  “If you lose, you will put this at stake.  And next, then you lose it, that is ours.  You put your kingdom at stake, if you lose, the kingdom is ours.  You put your brothers at stake, then the brother is mine, we can do anything.  They will be our servants.”  Like that.  That was the situation.  So, everybody was confused now. 

Now, the husband of that lady had put her at stake in the dice game.  That was the first mistake.  Means, these are all Swamiji’s words.  That’s what He used to give His opinion and talk, what I am talking is.  It was a mistake that he put his wife; he should not have done it.  He did the mistake.  And afterwards also, when they were trying to disrobe, they should not have allowed.  That was not in the deal.  Deal was that when you lose somebody and that person would be servant of the opponent.  Being a servant is different, but removing the dignity is totally different.  Even a servant also has their own dignity.  We need to treat them as human beings.  They are ready to work for us.  That’s fine.  Like Swamiji used to tell, “You are all my devotees, you are all ready to work for me, but I need to take care of your dignity also.  I cannot allow somebody to stab you or disrobe you, do anything with you.”  Like that Swamiji used to talk.  That was necessary.  But they didn’t have this clarity.  That means somewhere there was wrong or not enough of spiritual practice.  So that’s why, there the mind was narrow-minded.  It was selfish.  Even in defining the dharma, means duty – “Now the king has not ordered, so this is not my duty.  I cannot do anything.”  If everybody had thought like that one and that lady, they would have easily disrobed her; nothing could have been done.  But at least one person arose that day, Krishna.  To Krishna, today we add a word, ‘Lord’ Krishna.  Why?  He taught the right duty, right dharma for people.  “This is it. First protect this woman.  Afterwards we can discuss about dice game, who lost to whom, what is right, what is wrong thing.  But nobody can disrobe her.  This is not the dignity.  It is not dignified act at all.  We will protect this woman.”  He protected her.  So now once that is done, then we can discuss “What is right, what are they supposed to do, once her husband lost her what are all the things that she is supposed to do.  Let us discuss.  She needs to dust your home, mop your home, that is no problem.  But you cannot touch her chastity, dignity.”  That needed to be discussed.  All these things, many of them, in spite of that they were all noble and great warriors, but somewhere little bit they failed in overcoming the corruption of the mind’s selfishness.  So, they could not understand.  They were not ready to recognize their own fault and rectify.  If only they all had recognized their fault what they were trying to do was wrong, then the entire Mahabharata war could have been avoided.  When two countries are fighting, if everybody had realized where they were wrong, if they had rectified their faults, countries need not have to go into war and unnecessarily innocents need not have to be killed in the conflict.  If a missile is shot in the civilian area, many innocent people who are not armed, who would not have had any army training, war training, they simply get killed, they are trapped there.  What the wrong thing did they do?  This fault if humans can think; when we are fighting, we are unnecessarily killing innocent people, so then the war could be avoided.  That’s what thinking about our own fault and rectifying them. 

   We had to think about this during the Ashram’s conflicts.  We need to keep the Ashram peaceful.  Otherwise, devotees will feel threatened and they won’t have peace, and they cannot do sadhana.  This will simply be a conflict field all the time.  We needed to work out for peace also equally.  All the time my mind was working.  “We should not do the faulty things, commit mistakes, that there will not be a peace here.  This Ashram should not be a place of conflict.  People need to come and sit peacefully in meditation.”  Today when we are doing this Zoom, in Dehradun Ashram also, some people are meditating there.  Here, in front of me also some people are meditating there, and all of you are here to meditate.  So, instead of meditating if I do the wrong thing, I keep talking only of conflicts, conflict, then nobody will be interested – “O this Babaji is again talking on  conflict, what is the use of coming to this Zoom?  We need to meditate.”  So that’s what we need to understand our own fault.  We must not do like that one.  If that was done, historically, mythologically, conflicts, wars, everything could have been avoided.  But always we have seen since creation, if we look back to mythological stories, historical stories, one attacking, invading another country and they had to defend and this happened, that happened, always conflict.  So, when we look back into history and mythology, how much the common people, innocent people would have suffered the stress.  So that’s why realizing a conflict and our own fault and rectifying those faults is necessary. 

Question:   So, Babaji for a disciple, if the attention is on the Guru, then they would know the dharma automatically.  Is that correct? 

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, several times in our life when we were hurt or very much stressed out,  pained that people were doing politics and wrong things, accusing.  But then we quickly realized, “No, we have come for sake of our Guru.  We love Him.  We are working for the Guru.  No problem a little humiliation has happened to us.  It’s no problem.  We don’t have to take it so seriously.  Nothing is going to happen.  It’s alright, fine.  My head is not being cut.  My eyes have not been poked into.  No nose has been cut.  I am alright.  Simply, somebody spoke nonsense about me and tried to humiliate me.  It’s no problem.  Let me let go of it because I have to work for my Guru today also.”  I have to work, I have spread the message of meditation, peace and harmony in the world wherever I get a chance.  Thanks to you all that you are ready to help in the Zoom classes you started, and I am ready to come and sit down.  In this time I cannot afford to keep stressful or thinking all nonsense things.  Just have to think.  This answering also, I have repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly told; only for educational purpose, what I learned from my Guru, what I learned in my life, what the meditation or tapas has made me to think in the purified mind.  Not at all to blame any individual or any group of individuals, please; nobody should misunderstand.  I’m just trying to enlighten everyone for sake of education.  That means that is how we always dreamt; if everybody in the world can practice meditation and overcome the corruption of their mind – corruption means selfishness, narrow-mindedness, just remain at peace, so then the world can have peace, conflicts can come to an end.  It is possible, but humanity has to work in that direction. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji, a question from Bruce.  Do our faults get automatically rectified through sadhana or does it require separate reflection and effort?

Babaji Maharaj:   See, when you do sadhana, you achieve the corruption-free mind.  Then when that mind can think, it always will try to think in the right direction a larger cause, it will not show any selfishness.  That reflects.  You are able to recognize that.  In the situation; in this situation in the Ashram when the opponents were trying to attack the Ashram, usurp the Ashram land, we need to defend.  At the same time we need to maintain peace.  For long time we cannot allow this conflict to go on and on.  I cannot be a victim of my nature like that, I need to overcome my nature.  Try to make peace whenever, wherever possible.  If necessary I can overcome any humiliation that has been done to me.  I can let go of that one.  Let us look into the future.  We can forget the past.  Like that you are able to reflect when you do sadhana, and the mind becomes purified. 

Question:   And Babaji, is life the testing ground to see if the fault we have has been rectified? 

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes, so that will be the ground always.  When test comes only, what you have achieved in life, in your mind, that is put to test – how you are going to deal.  You used to sit forty years for meditation.  Everybody was appreciative, “O, saint, saint, saint”  But the day when you needed to behave like a matured person and bring peace and needed to be guardian, you could not behave like that one; you behaved in a selfish way.  You showed your annoyance, you showed your arrogance, you showed your money power, you showed your political power.  So, then, where was the meditation that you are doing for so many years and where is the purification of the mind?  So, that is what it shows when a person behaves.  Like Swamiji always used to tell, “By behaving, you are giving away your own culture and character.”  So, when a person behaves, that shows openly how much sadhana you have done or you have not done.  This is so important. 

Question:   Why is it so difficult to change oneself? 

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, but personally, in my opinion, if one wants to change, it is not at all difficult.  But if the ego becomes dearer, then the changing becomes difficult.  We do not want to give up our ego, our habits.  I am surprised even today about humanity.  Many people we have come across.  They talk so nicely, they listen to me, but when they do it, they end up doing the same thing.  I wonder why these people behave like this?  This is what they learned?  This is what is the purification that has happened?  But if one wants, they can rectify themselves.  They can behave properly, they can understand.  It is a very, very difficult thing to behave in this world.  We all agree.  I also agree.  Very, very often we might be put into such tests and very sensitive situations.  “Is this correct, is this correct?  What to do?  If we do this one, we might lose the entire Mission.  We may have to protect the properties, we may have to protect the Mission work.” I have to do Mission work also.  Because if I get involved so many times, it’s a never-ending process in this world.  The conflicts always are there and I will not be able to do meditation and travel spiritually.  I will have to take care of the conflicts only all the time, twelve months.  At that time also people said, “You should stop traveling now if you take care of this Ashram now.”  I will do that one whatever is possible, but I will have to travel, spread the message of meditation.  This is the purpose for which I had come to Ashram.  This is the purpose for which I was meditating.  This is the purpose for which I did tapas for five years.  This is the purpose I have become Shiva Rudra Balayogi.  Otherwise, I could have remained as Srinivasa only.  It was not needed for me for salvation.  So, that was the thing.  So, this I cannot afford to go to waste.  Today the body is there, tomorrow it may go away.  Once it grows, at least I will die peacefully;  I did my best as long as this body was available.  That’s what Swamiji told the Jangama Sage – “As long as the body is available, I will do twelve-years tapas that You want me to do it.  If the body goes, then it’s not my fault.  So, like that we tell our Guru, “As long as the body is there, we will look after the Ashram, we will look after the Mission, we will work for that one.  And we would try to inspire all those people who are working.”  Just think that we are working for sake of the world, for sake of humanity.  We need to let go of our own egos.  We cannot make issues where there is nothing.  We make issues unnecessarily.  So, this is all educational purpose that we learned in our life during our service to Swamiji. 

Question:   So Babaji, a yogi has to make lots of decisions regarding the Mission.  But for an ordinary person they may be worried about, “O, did I make the right choice, did I make a mistake?”  – they may regret things in the past.  But for a yogi, how is that different?

Babaji Maharaj:   You see, we don’t look for any personal glory when we are working for the Mission.  So, whatever we think that this is good for a larger cause, many people will be benefited if we do like that one.  We select on that level; we make a judgment and keep going.  Wherever necessary we will take any action that is needed, whoever it is.  So that is the way that we try to behave as much as possible.  But in spite of that, the results may not come accordingly, and people may blame us.  It is fine, people blame us, no problem.  But to our conscience, my heart, I did my duty to the best of my possibility, my ability that there is no selfishness for me and there is the consideration for the Mission so that the Mission can go on.  As long as this body is there, it is useful for many people to practice meditation.  We pray – “The day that this body is not useful to Your Mission or anything in this world, take this away; this need not be in this world for any other purpose.” 

Question:   Babaji, what is this conscience, what is that?

Babaji Maharaj:   You know, this is I have told, like during the end of my tapas Shiva Parvati came as Ardhanareeshvara and appeared and they told me “Because of your tapas we have manifested and you can have many powers that we can grant you.  You can become famous; you can do your own work.  You may not even need your Guru anymore.  You have done it.”  At that time, when we talked, means that Divine that was there was our own conscience, when we asked and when we talked to the Divine, we cannot tell a lie; to ourselves we cannot tell a lie.  To others we might tell a lie.  We keep something in my heart and to others, “O, you all meditate,” but when it comes to me, I don’t bother about it.  I want this property, but to yourself you cannot tell a lie.  You know what is in your mind, whether it is corrupted, whether it is purified, whether it is selfish, or whether it is looking into a larger cause, whether it is looking into continuing the work of Mission, even if people go on blaming me that I might jeopardize my own Mission by doing wrong things.  If that is so, let the Divine decide.  As long as the Divine is there to help me, He will send somebody to assist me and we continue.  Let anybody blame me, that is no problem.  We will let go that one, we cannot afford to keep wondering about that one.  So, that is the conscience I am talking. Within me I know what I am doing, whether I am right or wrong, whether I am just for my own selfishness or for sake of the Mission, for sake of the Ashram, a larger cause.  We had to take certain actions for sake of the institution of my Guru’s Ashram.  That is a larger cause, so that ten people, hundred people could come and sit there peacefully and do sadhana.  Some people didn’t want to come; it is okay, it is up to them.  If they want to remove me, they can remove me, at least peacefully we will go away from the world.  Means these are all for educational purpose; do not misunderstand anybody.  I am talking about conscience.  We know what we are doing.  We cannot tell lie to ourselves – that is what I meant always. When we talk to God also, we cannot keep something in the heart and talk something else in the mind; we cannot cheat God – “O God I will definitely love you, I will serve you,” and in my mind, “No, no, who is going to bother about you God?  I do not have time.  I need to have my comfortable life.”  Such things cannot happen with God.  God is none other than you, the real Self of yours. He is within you, the Divine is within you.  That is what is your conscience.  How can you tell a lie to yourself when you talk to yourself?   

Question:   So, when people get confused Babaji on their path, they are cheating themselves, ultimately?  

Babaji Maharaj:   That is what, they become the losers when they cheat themselves.  They justify every step of theirs as the correct one and they go on doing wrong things.  Ultimately, that will repel on them; that will show its power on themselves.  They will face the consequences of their own actions. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji there is a question just come in from Pratishta.  How do we lose our ego?

Babaji Maharaj:     By surrendering to the Divine Master.  When we totally surrender. Surrender means here, not simply that we prostrate in the mind.  Whatever happens in our life, whoever behaves in any way, at that time we surrender to the Divine Master – “It is okay somebody has humiliated me.  It is okay somebody is trying to blame me.”  It is okay because we are slave to our Master, we have surrendered.  I do not have to bother about this.  “If this is what my Master wanted, my Master wanted that somebody to blame me, it is okay.”  In the drama, the person says, when you ask “Why did you behave like that, why did you keep quiet when somebody was trying to stab you?”, he says “Because the director told me to keep quiet when the other person is going to stab me.  That is why I kept quiet.”   Same, life is also like that.  The Divine Guru is there, the Lord, He is doing.  If any person is doing wrong to me, maybe He is trying to train me to be more tough and more strong on my path and just mind my business. 

   Like I remember, one person was doing tapas and some people used to offer something to him.  If the manager of that place wanted to take it away, he used to fight and he used to kick him.  Then Swamiji used to scold him, “You are doing tapas and you just bother doing tapas.  Why do you bother about who is offering what?  This is not your job.”  I remember I was there.  That is why I remember this point.  So, these things created such an impact – one day if we do tapas, if anything happens, we should not mind, “It’s okay, that is what the Divine wants.  Because I need to bother about tapas.”  Just now when I am answering the questions on the Zoom, if somebody comes at a distance and scolds me and goes away, I cannot afford to bother for this.  I need to concentrate on answering the questions here; this is my job.  So, like that is what  surrender means.  You surrender, it is okay. If anything happens that can make us unhappy in the usual circumstances must not make us unhappy or annoyed, it must keep us at peace.  That means we have surrendered. 

Question:   Hello Babaji, I have a question.  I think it is related to the topic of today.  So, in different religions, I have seen they will have the possibility to recover from sin and to go again on the path, but I have seen that almost every religion has a determinate sin that is not a recoverable sin. 

Babaji Maharaj:   First thing I would like to say, we are not religious teachers, meaning we just do not read scriptures and talk about it.  What I am talking is from my own experience about the Divinity, about the Self, Ultimate Truth.  If somebody has done some mistake, if you want to call it a sin, we don’t call anybody as a sinner, first thing.  Everybody is only a pure soul; they would have done some mistake.  If they want to rectify that mistake and achieve Self-realization or liberation, it is possible for anybody.  Anybody can go for this, if only they understand the right technique of meditation and through this meditation, they can purify their mind.  Once they purify their mind, they can achieve liberation, is possible.  For this, there is no such thing that one cannot achieve, one cannot do this one.  So, this is my experience and my opinion.  We do not try to call anybody as a sinner, as a wrong.  Simply somebody would have done a mistake.  If they want to learn about their own mistake and overcome that mistake, they can do that by practicing meditation, so they can overcome all corruption of the mind, get it purified and they can achieve liberation, whoever they be. Because all are God’s children, everybody is the Divine’s children.  Simply it is a matter of time – the Divine will inspire everybody one day.  Today if it is me, tomorrow it might be somebody else.  They will be inspired to go on to the right path, do the right sadhana, overcome all such mistakes and sins; they will all go towards the Divinity.  This is my opinion. 

Question:   Sometimes You talk about taking care of our bodies, our minds and each other as our three responsibilities in this world, and I’m wondering if the kind of maturity and behaving in this world is taking care of each other. 

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes, that will be a matured act when we try to take care of each other.  That’s what I would have told in my talks.  I have always felt in childhood also, why can’t humanity live for each other instead of being against each other?  If this can happen.  So, this can happen when everybody will have a pure mind, consideration to each other.  This is the part of spiritual exercises. 

Same Questioner:   So, as my practice progresses, my sadhana progresses and I become more mature, I’ll be more able to take care of others. 

Babaji Maharaj:   Consider about others means, yes.  Definitely. 

Question:   Pranaams Babaji.   I just have two questions.  I’ll try to be short.  What other activities other than meditation can we do to strengthen our conscience and live by it?

Babaji Maharaj:   Remembering the Divine’s name, remembering any mantra, so these are best; and listening to devotional music or singing devotional music, they can be very good therapy. And be active; keep working, always try to help somebody.  So, when you don’t trouble anybody, you are helping actually.  So, look after yourself is the best help that you can do to others.  Like this you can keep your mind to Divinity. 

Question:   Pranaams MaharajMaharaj, I like to talk about guilt itself.  I mean, I believe that guilt makes human beings tend to stand by on their spiritual path.  I have experienced it right now or some other time itself.  How one can remove the guilt from a human’s, person’s mind itself? 

Babaji Maharaj:   It is important not to feel guilty all the time.  Guilt means, one moment you realize your mistake – that is enough, and then you try that you don’t repeat such mistakes; that must come.  So, then you would have overcome your ego.  All the time if you simply feel guilty but do not rectify, then that guilt makes you suffer more; it will go waste.  So, this is important that you need to understand and learn in life. 

Question:   Namaskaar Babaji, so I have a question about rectifying the mistake through the sadhana.  So, is it possible to burn our karmas like if we made mistakes knowingly and unknowingly in this birth?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, it will be possible if you purify your mind.  When you practice meditation, and slowly mind gives up its corruption, corrupted thoughts and all becomes purified, then you will be able to burn your karmas.  So, you need to regularly practice and increase spiritual practices, then you will become more matured and a purified consciousness will be regained.  This is possible. 

Same Questioner:   And Babaji one more question, I’m sorry.  How do you maintain peace at workplace?

Babaji Maharaj:   First thing, two things are there – outside is different, in your mind is different.  So, if you are regularly practicing meditation, you can maintain your mental stability thereby maintaining its peace.  But outside you may have to act upon whatever that is necessary to make peace, to defend yourself and do some hissing noises if necessary, but you don’t have to hate anybody, go always into a conflict, understanding the situation.  All this maturity will automatically come when you practice more meditation regularly. 

End of Questions and Answers

End of Session

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