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When the mind is totally unconscious of this world then it is happy

Perth, 3 December 2013 – Part 2


Babaji, my question is related to meditation and the myths. In general the society has a mindset that if you meditate you will overcome everything. Everything means you physical illness or your worldly worries or any trouble in life will be overcome by meditation. And another big myth is the Gurus have magical powers because they have meditated for long time and they will just fix everything like this in everybody’s life. So meditation is for the higher purpose or to live better or consciously. What is your opinion? If somebody has this set of mind, how you would like to clarify to the society.


You see, nobody has waved their hand and given peace to the world. It has not happened. We have to work for that one. Methods have been taught since ancient times, for spiritual seekers – different sadhana methods. So one has to follow that sadhana and achieve that Supreme Peace. So then, if we have peace we will be able to give peace to others and work for that one. So our attitude changes, so all these things happen. A miracle can happen through your efforts, not by waving the hand. So that has not happened.

Many times anybody has asked the question about miracle, performance of miracle by people or anybody. I have told, if anybody can perform, wave their hand and give peace to the world – everybody must get peace, become peaceful – that day I recognize it as a miracle. So that is what happens.

A meditation means you practice and your mind becomes peaceful then at least if you cannot help somebody you won’t bother somebody. That much of transformation in your attitude happens.

Many are myths that get built up. The truth itself is a great wonder and amazing. Existence, like Enlightenment or Self Realization, when it happens, when you become aware and being there, that is beyond all imagination, there is no imagination there of what it is, whether it is me or you, no such thing, no identity, nothing, but simply the mind settles and remains in itself, effortlessly. So that’s the Supreme Peace.

The technique is, you see, whenever mind is totally conscious of this world it loses its peace. It goes into dualities always, good, bad, right, wrong, happiness, unhappiness. Like if you get a sound sleep in the night that is one of the examples of the best happiness you derive. That means when the mind is totally unconscious of this world then it is happy.

So when there is no need or no wanting then there is total peace. That is the contentment, the most difficult thing to achieve for humanity.

So these are the things which can be achieved which are really great and which are the greatest wonders of the world for me.

Question [same questioner].

Babaji, sorry but you teach the highest purpose of human life but for an ordinary person there are so many things, the everyday life is more important to them. And how meditation can change their life and what do you mean by peace? Your peace is a very higher peace.


You see, life is important for everyone, no problem. One can have a desire that is also no problem. But when you want to achieve something you need to put in effort. While putting in effort your focus, your concentration of the mental power is very important, which can be very positive. That can shape a better future for you, better tomorrow, better results, this is one thing. And you also know the reality; you will be ready to accept the reality. All results need not be always as expected by you, even in spite of your best effort such results may not come, there is no universal guarantee in this world. Such phenomenon doesn’t exist. You are putting best efforts in, it may not come but you will be ready to accept it. If you do not accept you don’t have peace if you go into brooding.

It is like the old saying, ‘God give me the courage to change the things that I can change and give me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change. Give me the wisdom to know the difference.’ So that’s what attitude changes, you will be able to become matured like this.

Question [same questioner].

So the contentment?


Yes, same thing is taught in Bhagavad Gita also, ‘karmani evaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana’.’ You have a right to put in an effort – karma – but for the results – phala—you don’t have a right. You have to accept, it is not in your hands. When it comes, it comes. So that mature attitude will be developed.

Question [same questioner].

So a person’s personality blossoms and acceptance comes?


Yes, yes.


It is said scientifically and understandable emotionally that the heart’s vibrational, energetic and magnetic field is ten times more strong than the brain. What is the difference between the consciousness of the heart and the consciousness of mind?


In spiritual terms this heart is symbolically mentioned for the emotions of the mind. Otherwise the biological heart is connected to the brain only. Heart is normally used as a symbolic word for the emotions and the feelings through love that happens, all this. You fall in love with somebody, otherwise you use your mind, ‘Should I fall in love? Will it be beneficial?’ So when you fall in love innocently that will be stronger. So that is how symbolically this has been mentioned.

Consciousness is one whether it is the heart or mind. It is not two separate.

Question [same questioner].

So you could say that consciousness is the branch of the tree and then mind and heart are the branches or something, would that fit into it?


No, it’s not different like that. It is just one mass of entity which gets into emotions and which is able to think. The same entity is able to think, you call it ‘mind.’ The same entity when it gets into emotions you try to call it symbolically as ‘heart.’


My salutations to you Guruji. I just have one concern here. Will a Guru’s initiation help an aspirant in the spiritual path? What about an aspirant who is not initiated and he does meditation, will it help him?


You see, just to imagine that the simple initiation itself will give you everything is a myth. ‘Initiation’ means a Master takes initiative to inspire you and gives you the technology so that you go on the path. A Master’s job is to inspire and help you. And your own efforts, your faith in yourself, is also very important. Without effort you cannot get.

Sometimes a student is likely to become weak psychologically then the Master might use it, “I am there, you can do it, don’t worry.” Like in Bhagavad Gita also Arjuna was very weak, he had become psychologically so weak he couldn’t take up weapons and fight. So then Krishna said, “I have already killed everyone, you just take up bows and arrows and shoot.” So that was like a psychological push. So that’s what really happens.


Baba, just touching on that question that gentleman asked about the mind and the heart. Within our limited capacity we understand that the heart is a biological organ but what is the mind?


See, the mind, as I told, nobody can see it in the naked eyes. You cannot show your mind. You know only through the thoughts and visions that are there. You think ‘my mind wants to go there, my mind wants to do this’ but that is only how you can recognize. So thus it is not possible to see in the naked eyes. Simply through the mind only you can see the mind. Every terminology is an imagined terminology for sake of communication and understanding. Ultimate Truth is beyond any imagination at all.

Like, even if a Realized teacher or any Enlightened teacher wants to teach we have to use the nearest imagination possible to give a clue so that you proceed on the path and achieve the Truth to yourself.

Like the mind is made up of consciousness and energy I always tell. Consciousness means wherever you apply your mind, that consciousness, you can become aware of that. If you apply it here you can become aware of this existence. But in this world an imagination becomes necessary for sake of communication. You need to call this as ‘Babaji.’ Otherwise what do you call this? This is sitting, this is sitting, means it will be confusing for everybody to identify what it is. However that proves to be an imagination. But the mind itself is the consciousness and energy. Because of the presence of energy the mind is able to think, run, be creative and do everything. So that is how they both are inseparable, this is the concept of ‘Shiva-Shakti’ – the Supreme Consciousness of Existence and the Supreme Energy that is all-pervaded as the Ultimate Truth.

That is what is known as ‘Parabrahman – Paramatman, the Supreme Being.’


Do you believe that when we die, is there an afterlife or sometimes they say that the soul goes to different universes …


You see everything is an illusion that you create for yourself. Based on certain observations when death happens the brain dies, it stops functioning but the mind has acquired habits to imagine throughout the life absorbing imprints. So based on those habits which becomes intensity of thought you assume next incarnation.

One other clue is, this world appears to you based on your mental attitude. One man’s food is another man’s poison. A certain thing appears very pleasant for one, the same thing could be appearing very unpleasant for another. One thing could be appearing very intelligent for one, another might be thinking it is the most foolish thing. So it is all the attitude of the mind. Based on this, just like this life came. The next – so that you cannot track, you cannot measure or explain, conclude anything. It can be any universe. Here itself it can simply rotate, the mind goes into such spinning and imagines.

The idea of spiritual teaching is so that you can overcome all such illusions that you have created for yourself and become aware of the real Truth of Existence.

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