Dedicated to the lotus feet of the divine guru Shivabalayogi Maharaj


Managing Excitement and Resentment – online Q&A, No.63

Recorded on 23 September 2021 with Malaysian participants

0:00 Introduction
0:32 What is meant by ‘just do your best and leave the rest to God’?
7:22 How can we be sure that we have done our best?
11:54 How should we manage our feelings when we are not appreciated for our efforts?
16:25 In every form of happiness we experience the Truth momentarily
19:18 How to be careful not to get excited or resentful towards the results of our efforts in life
24:01 What should our attitude be when we face the result of our actions?
26:05 How to manage excitement when doing something enjoyable
31:15 How to let go of resentment?
36:05 How do we deal with built up anger
38:17 How do we develop the ability to move on and forgive?
40:17 Should we focus on the goal or just focus on the effort?

Discourse: Thus Spake Babaji – online Q and A No. 63
Managing Excitement and Resentment
Recorded: 22 September, 2021 for Malaysian participants

Start of Questions and Answers

Question:   Babaji, the topic for today’s satsang is managing excitement and resentment of effort and results in life.

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, good.

Question:   The first question Babaji.  It is often said “Just do your best and leave the rest to God.”  Can Babaji elaborate on this.

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, you see, in Bhagavad Gita also Shri Krishna says, karmanye vadikaraaste, means you have a right to do your karma, means your efforts – you want to try and you want to do it.  For that you have the right, for that you have to prepare yourself well.  First thing to remain composed and focused, not to get worried or become anxious.  Because the mind jumps into a future of anxiousness.  Always you have to remember this.  The past is meant so that you don’t repeat any mistakes if you had committed, learn some lessons but do not brood over.  It is not going to come back under any circumstances.  And also for future, you can plan always but no need to be anxious.  Like this if you practice meditation, you can mentally remain in the present; the power is in the now always.  So also then you will understand that as you put in efforts – you can have a desire, that is no problem, desire itself is no problem.  You want to achieve something in this world is also no problem.  You can always prepare – well concentrated, mentally remain composed and focused is important. Put in effort in the present but when the results come, it is not in your hands.  In this world, always that your expectations will be fulfilled is not guaranteed.  The world itself, its nature is like that because it is maya, it is the illusion and whatever you would have resolved in your previous lives. 

   Like I have explained earlier also, if you have the mind’s potency as a 10 – when this mind was with its 100,000 potency, means also I have told every time you incarnate or you are reborn, your mind becomes diluted from life after life, life after life, because of its scattering nature.  While imagining it gets scattered and gets divided into hundreds and millions of layers.  Thus, it becomes diluted.  As it dilutes, its power also lessens.  But however, the most you can remain focused, you can put your efforts in the best possible way.  In spite of that often or sometimes your expectations may not be met, the results might be something else.  Elders and great sages have told for this luck favoring or the grace of the Divine or your own destiny, prarabhda.  Your own destiny means whatever you have resolved, because mind imagines and tries to resolve in both ways, good and bad for itself.  Sometimes you would have seen your mind would be imagining as if you’re suffering, and somebody is trying to sympathize with you.  That gives some pleasure for you.  That is an imagination story as if you’re into difficulty.  But all such imaginations can be shaping your destiny.  For this I have told if you are more positive in your thinking, you can be shaping a better positive destiny for yourself.  And if you are negative in your thinking, you can be shaping negativity in your destiny also. You think negative about others also, then you can be shaping that for yourself eventually.  That’s why you have to be positive.  Like our Guru Swamiji used to tell, “Try to see anything good in all people even though if it’s a bad person.  In your mind, you try to see something that is good, then your mind remains purified and more positive.”  This is important.  Based on this only you would have shaped your destiny which has become destiny now in this life.  For that purpose only, some things may not happen according to your wishes or your expectations.  Then you need to have patience and accept it as God’s wish.  That is the destiny you are destined to undergo.  These things are necessary so that you don’t slip into any depression and you don’t allow your mind to become negative.  And you accept it. Like if your boss has told you, “You have to come today also,” and there is no way for you, you simply accept and come and do your work, whatever the boss wants to do.  Like when you have developed such a respect to the Master also, to your Guru – when the Guru commands, “No, today, you cannot simply sit thirty minutes, you will have to sit for one hour.”  So, that’s why it is – like today also I made you all to sit for forty-five minutes, but I am sure you will not complain to me, because you all love me and you all have such a reverence to Baba.  So that is important.  In the same way, when we have that reverence to the Master or God, when something unexpected happens in your life, mind accepts.  When it accepts, it recedes and becomes quiet, composed.  Then you have that peace.  You can put in effort again, try again, you don’t have to give up.  Like our elders, Swamiji, Guru also taught, “Till the last breath of life, if you have a wish to get fulfilled, you work for that.  Repeat again, try again, somewhere it will hit, you will get it.”  Pray to God, pray to your Guru mentally, well-focused that the grace shall descend upon you.  Somewhere when you are totally concentrated while praying, then the Guru’s Grace also descends.  So these things are important about that question that you have asked, some of the basic points.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  The second question Babaji.  How can we be sure that we have done our best?  It is common to have certain expectations of the outcome of our effort as we reflect our achievement of the goal we set.  If such expectation causes disappointment and misery, how do we transcend that emotion?

Babaji Maharaj:   You see, the best that you have put an effort depends on how much focused you can remain.  That is important.  Like you all try to meditate for forty-five minutes – the instructions were that ‘You just tell to watch in-between eyebrows, and do not repeat any mantra, do not imagine anything.’  So you must follow this as if a soldier follows the command of his commander.  Whatever he says he simply does it, doesn’t bother or doesn’t try to think anything else.  Like that if you can adopt, then your efforts shall be to the best of your ability.  You just have to watch, think I have to just watch, that’s all. “I don’t have to bother, I don’t have to analyze, I don’t have to worry why this is happening, why not something else?”  Even if a bad thought is coming in the mind, bad visions are coming, let it happen.  You don’t have to worry.  Simply it is all being thrown out.  It is all being cleansed and purified.  That attitude you need to have.  S, then that is the best effort you have put.  And after that, when the result comes, just leave it, you don’t bother.  Because there is nothing that you can do.  You have to accept it simply.  That’s what it is.  Expectations you may have, means that is to motivate yourself, to feel inspired.  You can set a goal, you can set a target, “I need this, I want this to happen.”  But in spite of that, if it doesn’t happen, don’t feel disappointed.  That will help you not to go into any depression because then you are hurting yourself.  You are a casualty.  You don’t have to.  Just because the things have not happened according to your wishes, you don’t have to hurt yourself.  You don’t have to become a casualty.  Because your life is important, very, very precious!  That must not go wasted.  For that purpose only you have to practice to accept.  Acceptance is one of the basic thing.  All over the world humanity suffers for lack of acceptance.  When they think this happens, it has to happen.  If it doesn’t happen…  So, always it doesn’t happen for anybody.  Even when we were youngsters, we used to pray to our Gurus, and God, Ganesha, Hanuman.  Like this we loved.  We always used to pray, “Let it happen like this.  These are my wishes my Lord, please bless me, grace upon me.”  Not always it happened according to my wishes or according to our prayers also.  Sometimes, many times it wouldn’t happen.  But then I used to assure myself, “Though I wanted this thing to happen in this way, these are my wishes, still if it has not happened means it is something good for me that the God has worked out.  God may have better things in His store for us.  Let me have patience, let me accept this.  But I’m not going to give up my prayers to God.  I’m not going to give up these efforts.”  So that determination we used to keep.  “Now I’m not going to give up loving God.  I’m not going to give up loving my Guru.  Whatever He does, He gives it or He doesn’t give it, it’s okay, no problem.”  So this helped us to remain determined, keep our minds positive, keep our mind’s focus also intact, and we never went into any depression, never lost any hope also.  So, these things are very important.  That is why destiny is taught.  Not to lose hope is very important.  If you have hope, then you will remain more positive and intact; your efforts will be more effective.  That is what you have to do in life.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Third, question Babaji.  How should we manage our feelings and thoughts when we feel our actions are not being appreciated, or especially where we see others who do less gain at the expense of those who do more?

Babaji Maharaj:   First thing, it is very important in my opinion for your happiness or peace, try not to depend on this world in any way, including this appreciation also.  Always you do your work as if it is a duty whether anybody appreciates or not – not to bother about that point.  Because that can take you again into feelings, bad feelings, negative feelings, unhappiness, depression, all these things happen, “O I’m doing so much.”  So, we all did our duty just for sake of duty.  You do your work for sake of work. Not for any rewards, not for any certificates.  Nobody has any right to give you any certificate in either good way or bad way.  We were always taught since childhood – our teachers used to teach, “If you have good in you, there are eyes to see it.”  God will always see it.  You just need to have your good and your efforts, your work has to be there. There is some way – somebody will see it, definitely.  Not everybody will remain without appreciating, there will be somebody who will appreciate in this world.  But you try not to have any expectations.  You just do it. “I love God, I love my Guru.  That’s why I’m doing this.  That is all.  Even if my Guru doesn’t love me, even if my Guru doesn’t appreciate me.”  With my Guru Swamiji that’s what the attitude slowly I had developed and became more matured.  “Whether Swamiji you love me or not,” in my mind, I used to talk to Him.  “You love me or not, I am going to continue loving You.  You cannot stop me from doing that one.  That way I am determined.  You have no powers to stop me from loving You.”  So that determination I used to keep always.  “Whether You like it or not, whether You appreciate my work, I’m going to work for You.  I will serve You even if You don’t see it, even if You don’t appreciate.”  Guru used to test us deliberately whether I can remain focused.  I continue work.  So, when there used so much of pressure and stress, but we used to keep working right from morning 3.30 to twelve o’clock, one o’clock, until then.  So, not a word of appreciation He would have said.  He always used to try to belittle, “O what can he do?  O, he only knows how to eat.”  Like that Swamiji used to test.  The more He tested, we became more positive.  More worked out like that one, more determined, loved more to Swamiji, we loved Him more.  So, like that you need to have an attitude.  Develop and cultivate that one.  That will help you.  So, you will remain intact, you will always remain motivated and inspired.  This is very important in life.

Question:   Babaji what You have just explained – that means we should even apply this in any part of our life, not just the spiritual?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes, anything that you’re doing, any way of life you are leading in this world, apply this.  Always do it, do it as a duty.  There is somewhere, somebody will definitely see it.  Somebody will be there who knows how to appreciate also.  So, with that attitude.. but you don’t have any expectations in the world anywhere, then at least you can keep yourself healthier, physically and mentally.  There won’t be any problem of depression or disappointment, unhappiness, nothing, because happiness is your right, your existence right.  You don’t have to lose happiness for anybody’s sake in this world.  That is why first sentence I told, “Try not to depend on this world for any of your happiness, for need of any appreciation including.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  The next question.  It is said that in every form of happiness or excitement coming from the material world, we experienced a glimpse of the truth or Self momentarily in a tiny moment of thoughtlessness.  Can You please elaborate on this Babaji?

Babaji Maharaj:   Exactly.  The real happiness comes whenever your mind stops even for a fraction of a moment.  So when you achieve a materialistic thing, suppose you have a wish, “O I want to buy a car,” and you are able to buy it finally, then you feel so excited, so happy for a while.  It is not the car which has given you happiness.  It is the mind because it stops there for a moment.  It accepts that materialistic thing that has come for you.  You being as the owner of that, then you feel that happiness.  This is what that technically, scientifically how it happens.  Like for example, this I have told – you like ice cream or a chocolate.  You eat one chocolate or one ice cream you will enjoy, you will feel excited.  Whatever flavor you liked it, you have got it and you go on enjoying.  But if you go on eating the ice cream – you eat one, how much can you eat? You eat ten, you eat fifty, then the same ice cream which you had thought will give you happiness will start giving you unhappiness also, ill health also, some trouble in the body, some trouble in the mind also; you will feel so much bad about it after some time.  So that is what happens.  So, it is not the ice cream which has the happiness in it.  It is the mind and its quietness – mind’s silence.  Whenever you are able to achieve that silence in the meditation, you sit for thirty minutes or forty-five minutes or one hour, then you won’t even feel like talking to anybody.  Quietly, you would like to sit, enjoying that serenity that descends inside, that peace.  So everything is in the mind.  That’s why ‘Peace within’ it is known as.  It is in you only, happiness.  This is what the great sages discovered in those ancient times and then they practiced meditation, then they saw that the mind, we can achieve that most elusive contentment for the humanity by practicing meditation, by practicing the stillness of the mind and making it silent. Then you gain the awareness of your real Self also.

Question:   Thank you Babaji.  The next question.  How do we be careful not to get excited or have resentment towards results of an action in our life Babaji?

Babaji Maharaj:   Ah, sadhana is very essential.  Apart from thinking and cultivating. Side by side, you need to do spiritual sadhana.  One highest is the meditation.  I have told earlier also this one sentence, ‘Though we have advanced tremendously in science, technology and so many other fields – we have achieved so many inventions, discoveries, beautiful, we have made ourselves so powerful (humanity in general I am telling), but we have forgotten spirituality.’  That is why often we get to see people dropping into depressions.  And even when people are able to earn so much, they have a good job, they might have so many materialistic things, but yet they are not fully satisfied, they don’t achieve contentment.  Somewhere they are unhappy, and they go into depression.  These things happen.  So you practice meditation every day.  And also you will gain the better thinking ability.  You have to think itself, “O, I don’t have to become unhappy. If today it has not happened, tomorrow it might happen.  Even if it doesn’t happen, no problem.  So nothing, the whole mountain is not going to fall on our head.”  So that is why like we were taught as children in school, also our teacher used to tell, “Anything happens in your life always think, after all my head is going to be cut.”  You don’t have to die, nobody will cut your head.  But you gain that inner strength to face the challenges of life and accept things as it happens and remain peaceful, composed so that you don’t get confused, you don’t lose yourself. You have to win over yourself.  That is what is the most important thing.  That’s why you have to take care of yourself. 

   Think in a matured way, positively.  “Okay, no problem.”  That’s also another famous old saying that everybody knows, ‘The first failure is the beginning of success.’  So we don’t give up. Till the last breath of life we must put an effort.  Even in Bhagavad Gita Shri Krishna assures, “Every effort that you have put till the last breath of your life is worth it because it is not going to end.  If for some reason the body dies, the atman, the mind does not die.  It will carry all those good symptoms, all the efforts that you would have put in, all the purification of the mind you would have tried into next incarnation, next life – you will get the best of life.   When you have developed in this life, best thinking, positive thinking, purified way in a non-violent way, then automatically you will gain a better life much, very well.  You see always to be born to good quality parents who have the good samskaara, who can impart you that samskaara also is so important.  Swamiji used to tell “You can select your husband, you can select your wife, but how can you select your parents? You are already born.”  So for that in the previous lives you should have done some good karma, some good effort, then you are blessed to be born in such an atmosphere, such a home, such parents. And surroundings also, your friendships also, friends, wherever you work, and your own abilities of understanding, observation capacity, all this tremendously get purified and increased in the next life.  Say for example, in childhood if we were thinking spiritually, ‘Why is that the happiness is not there all the time, twelve months and twenty-four hours?  Why the fluctuation?  Is there something wrong in me or something wrong in this world?’  Like that I used to think.  So we learned from our parents good samskaara, remain non-violent.  We learned the chants also since childhood sitting next to our mother.  These chants very much helped us to remain non-violent, more composed, more focused in our efforts.  Then in the later years, meditation came so handy and beautiful.  Just we followed the instructions of our Guru when He initiated.  Like this if you are positive, if you keep putting on efforts, so you can achieve some very beautiful things.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji the next question.  What should our attitude be when we face the result of an action Babaji?

Babaji Maharaj:   Acceptance, accept it.  You don’t have a ticket, you have not bought an air ticket, you don’t have money, and the airlines will not allow you to board the aircraft.  You have to simply accept.  So you cannot bang your head onto the wall.  If you don’t have money and if you have not bought a ticket, let it happen,  that’s all you had to think.  That is as simple as it is if we practice and cultivate that habit in life.  “It’s okay.  This is all.”  Like I cannot be a businessman and earn crores of Rupees, crores of Ringgits, anything.  Like that I have to think, so, I have to remain satisfied even if you have simply hundred Ringgits.  If I cannot remain satisfied, I will lose peace, I will lose my health.  All these things happen.  So that is the attitude we have to have.   So we get what we deserve; whatever we wish may not happen.  But we have to be happy.  I always am happy because I’m born for this, I am meant to be like this, mentally I am made for this only.  So we have achieved supreme peace today.  I never bothered about anything else, that I’m not a great pilot, I’m not a prime minister, I could not become into minister, I could not turn into crores of rupees, nothing bothered really.  So that was not the thing we were made for.  We are made for this.  But yet the same supreme peace which one could have achieved by becoming president of America, we achieved by not becoming anything.  So this is the attitude – if you can develop, you will always be happy anywhere you are, whatever you achieve, and God will bless you also.  The Grace will definitely descend.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Babaji, it seems effortless when I get involved in something that I enjoy doing.  And that makes me happy despite the enormous effort it requires.  It drives me wanting to do more, spend more time in the activity and not be bothered about the results because being in this space itself gives me inner happiness and peace.  How do we balance this excitement driven in the path of spirituality Babaji?

Babaji Maharaj:   You choose the path that you like.  You choose the Guru that you like if it appeals to your mind.  Nobody can impose anything on a human mind, human mind generally doesn’t accept if it is not appealing.  This is the nature of the consciousness also.  So for that purpose, you have to choose, you have to be sincere, you must know what you want.  So if you know what you want, you will not compromise with any other type of gurus or any other type of teachings, any other type of thing.  You want peace, you want to achieve the Self-Realization, you want to know the spiritual truths, truth about God, then you choose. You will not compromise for any magical workings or miracles or any such nonsense things, you will not go for that.  Once you choose, don’t look back.  You have chosen till the last breath of life.  Nothing.  I saw in Swamiji’s life – many people came to Him.  They came as VIPs, they came and they sat and they gossiped and went away.  As soon as Swamiji dropped His body  I saw people were looking for different gurus here and there because they wanted to be VIPs always.  Any other group treated them as VIPs, they went there also, and they try to recommend that to us also.  “I don’t care what nonsense you are talking.  I’m not looking to be a VIP like you”, I told one person definitely.  I wanted Swamiji, I came for Swamiji, and Swamiji is always there for me.  I wanted Self-realization, I wanted meditation, and Swamiji gave that.  I knew that Swamiji has this thing in Him.  I didn’t expect any miracles from Swamiji.  I didn’t want him to produce any chains or rings or any such thing.  So, sincerity is important from your side also.  Then always everywhere, anywhere you adopt this attitude, and control the excitement, even if things are happening according to your wishes.  The same thing may disappear tomorrow.  Like this world is here today, tomorrow it may not be there.  We have this thing with us today, tomorrow it may not be there.  This body is here today, tomorrow it may not be there.  Be prepared, be prepared.  That is what is vairagyaVairagya doesn’t mean that you have to hold your head and sit in a corner.  Be active, be happy.  Just remain alert, that everything is impermanent.   If anything is going to happen, accept.  When you are in the war zone in a battlefield, you have to be ready to accept. You don’t know whether you are going to kill or you are going to get killed.  Both are equally acceptable to the soldier.  That’s when he will be motivated, always.  He will be inspired.  He will continue fighting till the last breath of life.  So that’s how we all have to work spiritually.  Whether one person comes, hundred persons come, I keep working my duty.  Whoever comes I try to teach, I try to talk to them.  And like if 45 people, 50 people today, 51 people are there participating.  Sometimes on Saturday Zoom, 150, 160 also participate.  So, I don’t have any difference.  Whoever comes I just do my duty.  I always remain motivated, inspired, as long as even one person.  That’s what Swamiji said once, “Even if one person can understand my philosophy, I will consider my mission fulfilled.”   So, if you have this attitude, you can always manage your excitement, remain, restrain yourself; you won’t lose that peace and happiness.  That is why I have always told you have to go beyond bliss.  When you practice sadhana, blissfulness comes.  That blissfulness can create excitement and make the mind to jump back to this world again.  You have to work, you have to meditate, you have to do tapas till the mind totally becomes settled and composed.  Not getting excited always. That composed is the real peace.  So ancient sages always told this mantraOm shanti shanti shanti.  That is the end.  That is the real peace, composed.  Peace always  mind is composed.  It doesn’t go into excitement, then it can jump back to this world – you might lose control over your mind.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  The next question Babaji.  Is the root cause of resentment because it involves an underlying sense of being mistreated or wronged by another person?  When the feelings become too overwhelming, it contributes to resentment.  How do I let go of resentment spiritually Babaji?

Babaji Maharaj:   One important second sentence I would like to tell, everybody pay attention.   What you are is more important than what others think about you.  You must have this attitude.  You are for yourselves, not to please the world.  Even some saints like Purandaradasa have told, “O God, it’s so easy to please You, but I cannot please these human beings ever.”  Everybody go into a selfishness, and they will be pleased only temporarily as long as their wishes are fulfilled.  Otherwise they won’t be pleased with you again.  So you just remain to yourself, be yourself.  Somewhere, somebody will appreciate, I have told.  So this is very much important.  So then you will not bother about these things that somebody has mistreated, or somebody has good treated.  It is their thinking.  Like, remember Ashtavakra’s things.  He told Janaka, “I thought that in your court there are wise people but what I can do is all foolish people.”  Everybody thought now the king is going to punish this Sage Ashtavakra.  Why is He talking like that?  He is belittling the ministers of the king.  But the king thought that there must be some reason why. Then he asked Ashtavakra, “Why are you talking like that?  They are all so wise and very learned ministers I have.”  Then He said, “Not at all.  They are making fun of me.” Because they were all laughing when Ashtavakra came – He had eight deformations in the body, He could not stand properly; He was rolling, rolling on the ground.  So, everybody was laughing.  “They are all laughing, thinking this body to be me because this body has eight deformations, whereas I am the soul,  I am not this body.  So, should I say them as fools or wise?  What do you say King?”  And king understands that this is not an ordinary person.  He is a great Self-realized Master.  Then, well, king surrenders to Him and learns that samadhi practice, Ashtavakra teaches him.  In his teachings also to the king, surrender, all these things are important.  So, if somebody has ill-treated, this all remains in the power.  Somebody is powerful.  You are not powerful, and they have ill-treated you.  You have to accept it.  It’s okay.  When we don’t have this.  So let them talk about me like that, no problem.  One day when we develop, we don’t have to ill-treat others because we must not lose our characters.  We will treat everybody well.  We only defend our things.  Like even when somebody attacked the Ashram also, we were defending the Ashram.  We had no enmity, personality clash, nothing was there.  No violent thinking about others.  We just wanted to defend our Ashram so that this has peace, and everybody comes here and do sadhana.  That’s the attitude you have maintain in the world also.  If they ill-treated us – one day we were students and we didn’t have even money also, we couldn’t travel anywhere, we could not go anything.  Some people treated, mistreated, if not ill-treated at least they thought very lowly about us.  But we never bothered.  We are here to achieve God-Realization.  We are here in this world to achieve our Self-Awareness.  So we are ourselves.  We don’t need anybody else’s certificate.  So we don’t have to lose hope and also our mental stability just because somebody ill-treated us.  That is very important.  Already somebody has ill-treated, it is their character, their culture.  Remember Swamiji used to tell, “By behaving you are giving away your character and culture.”  The way you behave, it tells what you are learned or you’re not learned, you are educated, you are not educated, your character is bad – everything you will give away.

Question:   Thank You, Babaji.  The next question, Babaji how do we deal with built up anger and resentment?  Some say you can deal with this by identifying how you may have contributed to the situation.  Is this the only way to overcome this feeling?

Babaji Maharaj:   You see, only first way is the spiritual sadhana.  If you practice meditation regularly, you can restrain yourself, you can control yourself.  The anger comes only for a few minutes, a few seconds, half a minute, something like that.  In that half a minute if you don’t act upon, sit down, then try to contemplate whether there was any mistake from you also.  So you are not yet mature.   Mistake means if you are not yet mature to remain peacefully, if necessary.  Only in the battlefield, only when you have to defend a larger cause, you have to show an anger.  Otherwise it is not necessary to every x, y, z, why should waste we waste our energy?  Somebody comes and talks nonsense to me.  I just don’t recognize it at all.  I don’t bother about it.  I don’t have to react also, because I am at peace.  So, why should we recognize and give such an importance to other?  Even if we have to fight, we have to fight with equal people, not with a low-quality person who always talks nonsense only and doesn’t know anything.  So, we don’t have to react and bother.  We react only if we are defending a larger cause.  Nothing can happen to us. As long as they don’t attack us physically, they are mentally trying to disturb us, we don’t have to disturb.  Swamiji used to tell “Somebody comes.  He wants to give you blood pressure and you remain composed. He will get blood pressure who is trying to give you blood pressure.”  So have this attitude.  Slowly practice this one as much as possible.  Try to see where you are wrong – you try to rectify your mistakes. Become more strong, more mature, more peaceful.

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  The next question.  I feel resentment can poison a person as feelings of anger and rage lend a false sense of power and do not always encourage a healthy form of expression.  Babaji, how do we develop the ability to move on and forgive?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, first thing – we have to be able to see in that situation, is the other person really able to harm us physically or any of our larger cause?  Depending on that only we have to defend.  If necessary, we have to bring an anger also.  But that anger we should not lose control.  As long as it is necessary, act upon and then that is done.  We don’t have to continue with that anger, losing our own peace and our own non-violent thing all the time.  We use it for a specific purpose.  Like that, we should be able to think and understand what the situation is.  As long as that person is not physically harming us, they try to psychologically put down us – that is their tactics always, others. They work in such a way, they try to belittle us, they try to talk some nonsense so that it can enrage or irritate or give us anger.  In that position, if you can remain composed that blood pressure will go back to that person.  When he is unable to disturb you, he gets disturbed terribly.  Then he gives up.  Finally, one day he will give you a certificate.  “I understand no amount of pressure can trouble you or bother you.”  That’s what I have seen in my life.  Some people then finally certifying me that “Babaji no amount of trying to give you blood pressure can bother you at all.  You always remain composed and peaceful.  It’s useless talking to You.”

Question:   Thank you Babaji.  We have one last question Babaji.

Babaji Maharaj:   Okay, I will take and finish.

Question:   Okay, the last question Babaji.  Please explain the best mindset to have to put effort after setting certain goals.  Some suggest that the mind should continuously think about the target because it increases the power to attract.  Others suggest that after setting the goal, we should not think about it, as the Universal Intelligence will begin to organize for its achievement.  We only focus on the effort.  Please advise on the right way to adapt.

Babaji Maharaj:   You see, it is very important that we have the positive attitude first of all, always, and we have to set a target.  Sometimes at least we need to think about the target that we need to achieve that goal.  This is necessary to motivate ourselves and feel inspired; we have to draw inspiration, what we are supposed to achieve.  But we need not feel anxious, or we need not lose our peace or our focused mind.  That is important.  For that we have to really remain focused in efforts.  While we remain focused in the effort, sometimes we have to remember what we are supposed to achieve so that we remain on the path, we don’t lose the path.  These both we need to balance to keep our mental equilibrium proper.  This is what is important.  So some people, they try to think about the goal and they become very anxious, and they start worrying whether they lose ability to remain focused, and they don’t put proper effort also but they keep brooding.  That must not happen.  You occasionally, sometimes you visualize the target, “O this is what I have to achieve.”  That is also necessary to feel inspired and motivated.  And then, but your total focus should be in the effort.  When you are putting effort you must know that you are putting effort to achieve that the goal.  So this much you keep it, then your work will be very best and you might be able to achieve better things.  You can become like a genius when you practice meditation and remain focused.  And yet that focus, that effort, or that goal must not disturb your peace.  Practice like that one.  That is what the ability you can gain when you practice meditation.  Like all doctors, they see the patients.  While seeing the patients, some doctors get disturbed and they are unable to control themselves.  I have seen that emotion.  But if they get emotional, disturbed, then they cannot attend the patient properly.  So, they have to remain stabilized mentally.  Not become emotional is very important when a doctor is attending the patient.  Like apart from teaching spirituality all over the world, I do hear people when they are suffering, when they are unhappy, when they have problems.  They want me to pray for them, bless them, they want to confide certain things with us to feel relief.  All these things listening, if I become emotional I will go mad.  I have to concentrate and listen to them.  But I can pray for them,  I bless them.  I understand,  I become compassionate also.  But I shall not lose my peace is very important.  I don’t lose my peace.  I remain composed.  I pray for them.  Sometimes sad, sometimes some people are suffering, youngsters are suffering is really sad.  But yet I cannot afford to lose my own peace.  Because then only I can guide them properly, I can inspire them, motivate them, help them in every way.  This is the attitude one must have always.

End of Questions and Answers

Babaji Maharaj now concludes the session.

   Well, very wonderful.  We will have a gallery view for you all now.  All of you can see me.  I appreciate all your participation.  Some very wonderful questions are composed and put to us giving me an opportunity to share my experiences, my opinions with you all.

End of Session

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