Dedicated to the lotus feet of the divine guru Shivabalayogi Maharaj


Intelligence – online Q&A, No.143

Recorded on 29 July 2023 with worldwide participants

0:00 Introduction from Babaji
1:42 Worldly intelligence versus spiritual intelligence
9:45 Where does the intelligence to go on the spiritual path come from?
15:53 “Our intelligence must be above our ego”
17:50 The story of two brothers who were sent to know about god.
22:09 Do we still need to apply intelligence when take up meditation?
25:25 Is the brain there for us to realise that we must become quiet?
27:15 What is the relation between intelligence and emotions?
31:10 What role does intelligence have when Divine work is at play – do we have any control?
33:00 Is there an intelligence in consciousness itself or only when in touch with the brain?
36:00 If a computer has enough intelligence would consciousness arise within it?
42:09 Is there an infinite numbers of ways to arrive at peace in the mind?
43:55 Although inanimate matter has energy, it won’t have any intelligence?

Discourse: Thus Spake Babaji – online Q and A No. 143

Recorded: 29 July 2023 with worldwide participants

Start of short discourse

   Babaji Commences:

   Your ability to be creative is what the mind that you have within you.  But this mind needs to be under your control, that whenever you just be creative, do your job in this world.  But when not needed, you need to be in the awareness of your real Self.  While being creative also, you cannot afford to forget about your real Self, keeping you in your real Self, then you can work anything.  This you can achieve consistently when you practice meditation.  Like today, Baba is able to do that.  Keeping the consciousness into the awareness of the Self, I am able to talk through this body, think, if necessary, a little bit and then just become quiet.  So, while practicing, remember this point, you are just trying to keep quiet.  No issue is an issue and no problem is a problem.  No power, nothing can disturb you, distract you, just be there.

Start of Questions and Answers

Question:   So Babaji, the theme today is intelligence.  So, Babaji, to start with, with an intelligent mind in this world we can feel like we understand the world very well.  We can achieve success in fields and discoveries, make discoveries in the world.  But could Babaji explain the difference between this type of intelligence and what you might call a spiritual intelligence – the discrimination power to see the real from the unreal and to see this world is impermanent, these kinds of things. 

Babaji Maharaj:   It’s a very beautiful question, significantly.  For this world, application of intelligence means, when we are able to use our brains to analyze, to understand, to make judgments.  But I have told always, these all happen through the mind which can give only whatever it imagines.  Thus, everything that we know in this world, through the application of brain, all the genius works, all the greatest works, in my opinion, nothing needs to be conclusive.  Finally, whatever we have discovered or invented, we have been able to do only a nearest cause or at the most an immediate cause, but not the root cause; that knowledge hasn’t come.  And also, the real intelligence application is finally the universe, the appearance, all is impermanent; it will not stay forever.  It is going to go away.  So, thus, it is not going to be useful to us forever.  For a while, it might be useful.  For some time, it might be useful.  For a long time, also, it might be useful.  Like, for example, the world might come to an end tomorrow, and it can continue for another billion years.  Nothing is conclusive.  Nobody can say that.  So, like that, we actually do not know what this universe is.  But we think that we have gained knowledge simply based on our imaginations, which we have adopted for sake of our own communication and understanding.  For example, I will take an object in my hand and you and me both agree, let us call this a thermos.  You also agree.  So, then we communicate always for this as thermos only.  You also understand if I call “I need the thermos”.  So, you understand, “O, this is what Baba is mentioning.”  But neither of us know the truth about what this is, its existence, because it is impermanent; it is going to disappear.  It appears, it disappears.  Any real intelligent person will understand this fact.  That’s what induced the ancient great sages who were spiritual giants, giants in science, who went for ‘existence value,’ a permanent existence value – eternal, all the time.  That is what they wanted to know, wanted to become aware of when they understood the entire universe is impermanent. 

   We can play for some time.  We can use our intelligence.  We can become genius.  We can become powerful.  Anything.  But nothing is permanent, finally.  This understanding needs to be there.  So, that is the difference of spiritual intelligence and the worldly intelligence. 

   In the world, this brain and application of the brain is needed.  Just like, we need the make up when we are executing a particular role in a drama.  If I am playing a role of a young man, so I need to make up myself to become a young man.  But I am very well aware that I am really not young, I am old now.  That is what is the awareness.  We get carried away, “No, I am very young” and we want to be young and we want to do everything. We start thinking that we are not going to die at all, we won’t become old.  That is ignorance and stupidness.  That is what I am just trying to tell a little bit.  So, when we understand this is impermanent and when we understand that we need to go for the permanent existence, and when we understand we need to have the permanent happiness, that which we are looking for, at all times.  Nobody should be able to rob that happiness from us.  Whether anybody blames us, whether they praise us, becomes a friend or becomes an enemy, declares an enemy-thing, anything, that should not be disturbing our peace.  We are always at peace, in the happiness.  So, this achievement is the real intelligence that the spirituality means.  We can call it spiritual intelligence.  When the mind with the help of the same brain, it tries to understand what the truth is finally; “Why is it so?”  

   Like, as a young boy also for me it used to come.  Are we born with this body being born, are we going to become extinct?  That word I used to think.  Simply death is okay.  When the body dies, are we also going to become extinct, finished, no more existence is there? Or is there any other secret for this existence?  That is what we need to know.  That is what induced us to go towards spiritual truths, following the teachings of some great Masters like Adi Shankara, our own Swamiji, Ramana Maharishi and so on.  This led us towards that one. 

   So, now, for anybody to have the real intelligence… to live in this world is necessary.  It is a challenge.  To earn a livelihood, sustain the physical body, whether it is going to die tomorrow or will die after a hundred years, whatever it is, we cannot simply afford to leave it – “Let it go whenever it wants to go.  I am not going to give any food.”  It doesn’t happen.  It cannot happen.  We all understand.  So that is a challenge.  We accept.  But while doing so, while living in this world, there is one opportunity before death happens to this physical body.  Through this body only we have the consciousness of this world.  We have to utilize that opportunity to know the truth about our own existence.  That is the perfect application of the intelligence, real intelligence in my opinion. 

Question:   Thank You, Babaji.  So, Babaji, certain individuals would be drawn to the spiritual path using their understanding and intelligence, would adopt a practice like meditation, would try and find a Self-realized Master like Babaji to learn from, to be devoted to.  Where does this understanding, where does that intelligence come from?

Babaji Maharaj:   When they are inspired by listening to the Master’s teachings, when it enters their deep layers of the mind and the brain starts working, “Yes”.  See, we do not try to impose.  We just try to ask people, you think, you also practice, and then you will know the truth.  Think when I say, “Is this world impermanent or not?”  All of you will agree.  Everybody knows, the body will die.  And things of this world also are impermanent; anytime it can go away.  We come to know about so many planets where there is no life, the water has dried, there is no oxygen around that planet, the atmospheric pressure is not proper.  So, there is no living species there, it is not possible.  So, when we see that, we can understand how fortunate we are that this earth has all such resources that we are able to sustain ourselves physically and live on this earth, move around, meet with each other, understand each other and try to enjoy something.  But we also have to realize we cannot enjoy permanently.  That is what we try to keep telling, that is what spirituality alerts.  A certain thing which itself is not permanent, including the entire galaxies, entire creation; our own physical body is not permanent – that is when we need to understand.  Probably if these generate such thoughts for people that there is some truth there – at least the death is inevitable for everybody.  That is what Sri Krishna tells, “Arjuna, before death shall claim thee…” 

So, that is one important point.  Death is the thing which will claim all our physical bodies.  Our father’s generation, our grandfather’s generation, our great-great grandfather’s generation, Mahabharata people, Ramayana people, mythological history, all came and nobody is around today physically.  The great Masters, Self-realized Masters also came, but nobody is around physically.  This is the fundamental truth.  Yeah, we will believe our Master is around because He is one with the Divine.  That Divine, Divinity, all-pervaded is a permanent entity.  Our Master also is in that.  We love our Master’s form, so we would love to remember the name of our Master.  So, the same Divine blesses us, grace upon us in the form as our Master.  That will be our belief, our faith, our assumption.  So, like this.  So, probably these types of thinking can always motivate one to go towards spirituality. 

   One thing, when you realize there is a time bomb under your chair, you don’t wait for anything else.  That is one thing you want to save.  So, that one time bomb is in the heart, in this body; it is impermanent, it’s going to go away.  Before that you have a chance, you have an opportunity to practice and know your real Self.  Probably these are the things which are acceptable.  That’s why we want to teach this repeatedly. 

   Like we got inspired also from Ashtavakra’s teachings in the Guru Gita, Adi Shankara teachings.  Recently now we have published the Ashtavakra Samhita on which I had written commentaries so that it’s easily understandable for the present-day generation’s terminologies.  And thanks to a big team, all of you have worked on this, editing and trying to bring it out and it is out; just now it is out.  Slowly, those who had booked the books are all going.  I would recommend that you read this book.  This is such wonderful.  Though it appears blunt at times of Ashtavakra’s teachings, He was blunt definitely, means He was frank, straight-forward.  This is the truth.  There was no going on and on and on like that one.  He simply told not that you are good, you can become better.  He said, “You are stupid if you are thinking this.  This world is not permanent.  You are stupid if you think that you are the body.  All your ministers are stupid, O King.  If you also want to laugh at my body, you are also a fool.  I am not this.  I am something else.”  That’s why we try to tell, “You are much more beyond the birth and death of the physical body.”  So, this things would be helpful for people to become motivated, to go towards spirituality.  This is a need.  This is needed! 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Baba, last week Babaji mentioned that our intelligence must be above our ego.  What did Babaji mean by this?

Babaji Maharaj:   Ego means here, whatever we got to understand or absorb by others talking.  Others means here, who are not really Self-realized, who never try to apply the real intelligence in the spiritual permanent and impermanent.  A little bit of whatever they came to know about this world, they become egoistic.  “I know about this.  I know about this.  I know about this.  I know about this.”  Like this one.  The intelligence needs to be above that.  Otherwise, that ego doesn’t allow us to learn.  We stop the learning process.  We start thinking we know everything.  So, that’s what the intelligence needs to be above.  Always, that is why our Swamiji told “Never stop the learning process.”  That means don’t be egoistic that you have come to know everything.  Even, simply because I have become Self-realized, not that I know everything.  There may be so many things that I may need to learn, I can learn.  That can be helpful.  Like that, you have to be humble at least.  Exercise humility.  That is important.  Otherwise, if you are arrogant, “O, I am God.  I am the incarnation of God.  I can give you all everything.  I know everything,” that is not. That is simply an ego and arrogance, not at all Self-realization, not at all spiritual, nothing to do with the Divinity that is all pervading.  So this was what I was trying to tell perhaps. 

Question:   Thank you, Babaji.  Babaji, the story that Baba often tells, in fact Sri Ramakrishna used to tell the story of two brothers who were sent by their father to a Self-realized Master to know about God.  Could Babaji recount that story and the meaning behind that?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, we have read in Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s story that this story He used to tell.  A father who was a great scholar, but to some extent he had realized about the truth.  Means the truth is such a thing that you cannot tell that “I have come to know of it, everything.”  Just like the space is all pervaded.  But we cannot tell that “I have come to know of the space.  I have seen the space as it is.”  It’s not possible.  That’s what the egoistic people all often talk – “I know God.  I know very well all these things.”  Once when I had taken the class, that person was telling, “I know all what you are talking.  I also can talk about this thing.”  I said “Why don’t you talk then?” [laughs] “I have been asked to talk.  I am talking on my experience.  And I am not claiming that I know everything.  You might be knowing better than me.  You talk then.  You wouldn’t have been sitting in my class.  You would have been talking somewhere else.  So, unnecessarily why are you trying to disturb?  You be yourself.  Let me be myself.  Whatever I know, I know, whatever you know, you know.  If you want to know anything else from me then I can tell you.  If you don’t want to know it’s no problem from me.” 

   Like that Ramakrishna used to say that a father sent his two sons to learn about the Vedanta, about the Final Truth, Ultimate Truth.  “Go and do sadhana also.  Learn from the Self-realized Master.”  So, after long time staying with the Master in the monastery, they both come back. Then father calls the one son.  “What did you learn about the Ultimate Truth?”  He (the son) goes on talking about the Vedanta.  “It is all-pervaded, it is like this, it is this, it is that.”  Then father rejects him, “You don’t know anything of that Truth.”  He calls the next son.  “What do you know?”  He (second son) remains quiet.  He doesn’t talk anything.  Then father says, “Okay, you have learned a little bit.  Something you know at least.” So that is the amazing truth about the Ultimate, Absolute.  We talk.  We all talk to answer questions.  But it need not be conclusive.  There may be more to know if at all go on talking.  Finally, what we teach is when you become totally silent, know that as the Truth.  Because there is nothing further to talk, because that’s what you realize.  It is not possible to talk everything of that Truth.  To give a clue, to motivate, to inspire, we try to talk a little bit.  That’s why our Master insisted “Sit down and meditate yourself.  Sit down and meditate.”  Many people simply didn’t understand, “O, I have to sit and meditate.  What happens then?  What happens then?”  They had their own imaginations.  So, that is the story Ramakrishna used to say. 

   The Absolute is attributeless; it is the final truth.  Like you cannot measure the space as it is, impossible.  If anybody tells you, “I have measured the space, it is 200,000, 300,000 so and so, gigabytes, terabytes”, like that he goes on talking, that means he has not measured at all.  He doesn’t know.  Only the space can measure the space.  You have to become the space itself, no?  This is what we all understood.  To know the space, you have to be the space.  When you become the space, there is nothing else to understand.  Nothing to talk.  Only one single Self exists. 

Question:   Thank You, Babaji.  So, Baba, we need a certain amount of intelligence to go on the path to adopt the methods, but then we need to give up the intelligence to practice meditation or do we still need to apply intelligence?

Babaji Maharaj:   You see, you need the intelligence till the point that you thoroughly once for all understand that everything is alright.  Simply, your mind is the problem and you have to become mentally quiet once for all.  Till then you need the intelligence.  Then to become quiet, you have to adopt the technology.  What you have to do? You have to become quiet.  This is the truth actually, but people will keep asking how to become quiet.  You have to become quiet.  You don’t think, you are quiet.  You don’t imagine, you are quiet.  You just watch in between eyebrows, you are quiet.  And then any thoughts and visions come, you don’t imagine about them, you are quiet.  Now that’s the next intelligent point that one needs to understand.  When one realizes, “O, it is my fault, it is me who is not quiet, who is always imagining, always analyzing, always bothering, everything is an issue for me, everything is this, why this happened, why that happened?” – So many things.  Let go of the things; all these things are troublesome.  So, this is where you need intelligence that you need to become quiet.  Every individual needs to have this intelligence, “I have to become quiet.”  Instead, thousand times we talk, people they come back with a question, “Why the grace of the Divine is not on me to become enlightened, why some people are enlightened?”  They became enlightened because they put the effort and they became quiet.  You also become quiet; you will be enlightened.  It is as simple as that one.  It is not that somebody else made them to become enlightened and has not had made you to become enlightened.  It’s not like that here.  It’s not in the train or the aeroplane one has been given a seat and another is not yet given the seat.  Simply, you have to grab.  It is here.  You have to become quiet, you understand what the Master…  When I am teaching, if a hundred and forty people are here in the Zoom class, it is for all the hundred and forty people and for all other hundreds of people who would be able to watch these sessions, either through Zoom or on the YouTube that you present afterwards also, for everybody.  So, if they understand and they become quiet, they are enlightened.  Who can stop them from getting enlightened?  They themselves are stopping.  Once they understand, “It is me who has to become quiet mentally.”  Surrender.

Question:   Thank You, Baba.  So, this brain is there for us to realize that actually we have to become quiet –  This intelligence has arisen for that reason only?

Babaji Maharaj:   That is the right application of the intelligence.  That is the right way that you utilize the services of your brain.  That is why it is said, this human life is a rarest of rare gem, where once in a life cycle opportunity is there; you have a well-developed brain.  You think whether you are wrong somewhere.  This brain helps you.  It is there for you to utilize.  If you can think that “It is me; my habits are wrong.  I am unable to give up my habits.  I have become habitual.  That is why I am miserable.  Once I become alright, I become quiet, done.”  So, that is what the real intelligence application one needs to understand.  This is why the brain is there.  The brain is given for us.  You poke your fingers into this world and try to see whether this world will allow you to settle peacefully.  You can do that and afterwards also you can understand, “O, if I put my fingers into this fire, it will burn.”  Then you will realize, “O, Master had already said that if I put my fingers into this fire it will burn, but I didn’t listen.  At least now let me realize.”  So, these are the things which are important to apply the intelligence.  It is there, intelligence.  You have a brain.  You have to think. 

Question:   Thank You, Baba.  There have been quite a few questions popping up, Babaji. Is it okay if I ask?  There is one from Anand Patil. 

Babaji Maharaj:   Yes, we can take. 

Question:   He asks, what is the relation between intelligence and emotions?  Is it true that an emotional person is less intelligent?

Babaji Maharaj:   Emotional, when you are emotional, you are likely to become confused or carried away, unable to apply proper thinking abilities.  What is the truth?  Why this is happening?  Where you are wrong.  So, that is why sometimes I have told emotions can be your strength or emotions can be your weakness.  Like, emotions, if you fall in love with the right thing with an understanding that you need that ultimate truth, you fall in love with a Master, then follow the teachings, never look back, never try to analyze afterwards, once you love the Master, if that is your target, that is your goal that you want to become Self-realized.  Otherwise, you can stay with Master for any other purpose also.  So many purposes can be served.  You just get a food to eat or you just try to glamorously live with the Master, try not to do hard work with the Master and try to time-pass.  A little bit you attend to the Master, so many things, anything can happen.  But if you really want that, follow his teachings and don’t look back, don’t listen to anybody else.  How can somebody brainwash you?  That means you are not properly intelligent.  There is some ego problem in you, that’s why you also listen to the other person trying to brainwash you.  You enjoy with that one, that worldly thing.  No matter hundred thousand people.  During our Master’s time, so many people we saw, many, many who were so close and great VIP devotees.  But with one strike they left the Master, they criticized him, they published in newspapers all sorts of things.  But they never meditated, they never learned what meditation is.  When the Master said “You meditate,” they wouldn’t.  They would ask something else.  “O, is it okay?”  Like when we ask people, “You meditate”, some people tell, “Is it necessary for me to meditate or is it okay if I am just a good person?”  What do you know about being a good person, man?  If we ask them, they get annoyed with us.  “O, the Master is telling that I am not a good person, how dare he?  I will drag him to the court if he tells that I am not a good person.”  So, we withdraw, we keep quiet.  It’s up to you, you meditate or you don’t want to meditate.  You just want to be a good person; you try to be a good person, it’s okay.  There are that type of people also who don’t want to learn or do anything, who doesn’t go on the actual spiritual path.  So, they lose.  They can get carried away for the next 55,000 life cycles.  This is what our Master said.  So, these types of things also happen about intelligence application.  If you are emotional you can be fooling yourself, you need to be careful. 

   Intelligence is above.  Intelligence doesn’t mean that you become arrogant or egoistic.  Real intelligence will make you humble.  It will give you humility.  That is the real intelligence because you are humbled when you see the space.  How can we conquer the space when we understand the space is simply galaxy, space, galaxy, space?  Then we surrender, we become so humble when we understand.  That is the real application of intelligence. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  There is another question that’s come in.  What role does intelligence or intellect have, if any, when the Divine work is at play?  Does our intelligence ultimately have any control?

Babaji Maharaj:   Understanding.  If it is the Divine play there, just accept it if you think it’s beyond your capacity. Or you try to change what you want to change.  When it is done, further you are unable to do it, then you accept it.  That is the intelligence application which Sri Krishna taught in Bhagavad Gita. “Karmanye Vaadhikaraste…”, means you have a right to put in efforts.  That’s your decision.  You can always put, you want to change something, you think that something is wrong, you can work.  When you realize it is beyond your capacity to change, then you have to accept it.  So that’s what the intelligence application; “Let us leave it to the nature, let us leave it to the Divine.  This is beyond.  I have put my effort sincerely, and to the last breath of my life.”  That is the intelligence. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji.  Baba, consciousness as Babaji has explained is separate from the brain, this individual consciousness.  Is there an intelligence in consciousness itself or is it only when in collusion with the brain?

Babaji Maharaj:   In my experience, consciousness also has intelligence.  When it learns, “This brain – I have to use this brain in this world.  Not simply that I should not be accepting whatever the brain reflects.”  Like we are working on a computer, sometimes the computer may go wrong, something.  So, we have to find out what the problem is.  It’s not giving proper things.  We should not simply get carried away.  Simply because the computer is showing, that’s it.  We need to understand, we need to use the computer.  That is the intelligence.  That thing is in the consciousness.  As it is able to be created, it can understand. If it is clean, if it is not corrupted with too many thousands and millions of thoughts then it will not be confused, then it can think in the proper direction that “I need to be the Master and I need to apply the brain.  I should not simply be listening to the brain’s reflections.” Brain is a good servant, but a bad master.  So, this intelligence is there in the consciousness. 

When you meditate, this intelligence comes up in the consciousness.  Otherwise, until the mind, consciousness has become mind, and it’s busy with its thoughts and visions and thoughts analyzing, visualizing, struggling, struggling, is corrupted… that’s what it is.  Then its intelligence is suppressed.  It’s unable to think properly.  It doesn’t want to put an effort when it thinks in the wrong way.  “Somebody should give me enlightenment.”  Master has told you a hundred times that you have to sit and meditate.  Swamiji used to tell everyone, “You sit and meditate.  And meditate like this, just watch in-between eyebrows”.  That’s what He said.  He did not tell that when you go to meditation, you keep thinking what the world is, how it has to happen, then your mind will not become purified; transformation will not come.  Whoever listened, they got.  If didn’t listen, didn’t get.  The Master came and went. 

Question:   Thank You, Babaji.  Babaji, I hope this question is appropriate.  In today’s society, the artificial intelligence, AI seems to be quite a hot topic.  In Babaji’s view, if a computer has enough intelligence, if that is created, would a consciousness arise within it or does consciousness just arise in organic life?

Babaji Maharaj:   You see, every now and then things get updated.  We got the GPS and the Google things; that we considered tremendous intelligence.  And then now the artificial intelligence, they are telling this will be much, much, much more intelligent than the Google things that we saw.  But finally we cannot forget, it is the human mind which programs all these things.  Everything needs to be programmed.  Simply from the ground, one day a computer did not appear and started talking to us, “I am the computer, I am like God to you all, I will protect you all.  I will not allow you to die, I will give you happiness and peace.”  No computer, no AI, no artificial intelligence has declared this.  If this AI can give peace to the world, it can tell, “I will end all the conflicts now, I have come into existence.”  That is not the thing.  Amazing things do happen with artificial intelligence today.  You just write the address in the GPS system, it can give you the best shortcut roads also, and where there is traffic jam also.  Amazing.  But somewhere we discovered, invented machineries and programmed it and kept.  We got the satellites done.  Through the satellite effects, we discovered, “If we work like this one, these results come.”  That’s how the discovery happens.  “If we do this one…” That is the human consciousness.  It is amazing, really.  It goes on and on and on, it struggles – How to bring the picture better, much better, more higher resolution, it keeps working.  So, that is how this artificial intelligence has come.  Whatever comes, we must realize we must try to know our true nature of our real Self.  That is important.

 An artificial intelligence is not here to give us eternal existence in this body.  It is not here to give us total peace.  It is not here to end all conflicts.  It is not here to end all corruptions.  Nothing, it will increase more, it will increase.  The corrupted people will also update themselves today, hackers, mafias, everyone will.  So, they won’t become noble persons.  They will not start considering about each other.  “You also live happily, let me also live happily.  I don’t want your thing; you don’t want my thing.”  These things, if anybody can invent, if any such computer, artificial intelligence comes, that day it will be a wonder.  This is also the wonder.  We all understand, we appreciate computers, every system.  So, very soon, now humanity, it will become common.  Now, just now it has come, artificial intelligence.  People are wondering what it is.  When they don’t know, they will be wondering, wondering, wondering.  If you go to such a small island, where such human beings would never have seen the world outside, if a helicopter or a plane just passes by on their air space, they can be scared.  They will be wondering, “What is this flying, what is this bird going like that on?  It’s making so much of sound”.  But when it comes on our homes, it flies,  we know what it is; it’s an aeroplane.  When it becomes common, it becomes simple for us.  As long as we don’t know the technology, we keep wondering whether it is God who has come, what artificial intelligence.  But finally, we as human beings need to have a control over them.  We cannot allow them to work on its own, then it can go haywire.  Movies have come, robots have been seen, we have heard about robots, everything, improving, improving.  Drones have come now.  But a human handles them sitting somewhere.  He is at a safe distance; he sends a drone which can bomb a certain area and come back.  So, he is alive, he is not in danger.  If he was sitting in the aircraft and goes to bomb, his life also would have been in danger.  It would have been a suicidal mission.  So, that much improvement has happened.  But he needs to do the bombings.  That has not stopped.  If the bombing itself can be stopped, if the conflict can be stopped, if the wars can be stopped…  So, why do we need this artificial intelligence?  We need this so that we want to dominate, we want to be powerful.  Anyway, people should not think that we do not appreciate these intelligence things.  But behind that, human efforts, human intelligence is amazing.  Kudos, we appreciate, but we need to understand and use it in a proper way. 

Question:   As Babaji has always said that spirituality needs to be adopted at the same time. 

Babaji Maharaj:   Spirituality and science should go together. 

Question:   Thank You Babaji, Pranaams.  My question – You once said that to get the mind quiet, you can assume a position of observing yourself.  And if thoughts come, they come, but you simply observe, and there is a goal to even observe yourself observing.  My question about intelligence is, if it is infinite rather than limited, is there also an infinite number of efforts that are part of our consciousness, expanding experience to arrive more or less at an awareness without involving our thoughts?  Simply, observation and silence.  Is there an infinite number of ways actually to arrive or really only a specific one?

Babaji Maharaj:   It can be in any way that you can achieve the quietness of the mind.  That’s what some of the paths we have described, karmayoga, while active in the world, your efforts, if it doesn’t bring the same results, you accept it so that your mind recedes and becomes quiet.  Otherwise, it will get agitated.  In the beginning I told, if an issue is not an issue, your mind will become quiet.  So like that also it can happen.  You become devoted to single-pointedly one thing, and your mind will become single-pointed, but you have to give it up so that the mind has to become quiet.  So, in whichever way you think that you can quieten your mind, that is welcome. 

Question:   Pranaam Babaji.  It’s just a question.  Zen was asking earlier about consciousness.  As far as matter is concerned, matter has energy, but it’s inanimate, but does that mean automatically, although it has energy, it won’t have intelligence, it is just existent for the time being?

Babaji Maharaj:   Yeah, if the consciousness is not there, proper intelligence application doesn’t happen; the manifestation of the consciousness.  Based on that only we consider living species, not living species.  Also, it depends on the type of brain that thing has.  A rock may not have the brain that a human body has got.  That is why in human body intelligence application can happen much, much better.  The consciousness also gets applied there.  Consciousness is able to be active and control the energy and apply the brains also. 

Same Questioner:   Thank You. 

End of Questions and Answers

End of Session

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