Dedicated to the lotus feet of the divine guru Shivabalayogi Maharaj


Shri Guru Maharaj’s Tapas Purti Day Celebration, 2003

On the auspicious occasion of Shri Guru Maharaj’s Tapas Purti Day, as devotees of Shivabala-Shivarudra Balayogi Mission celebrated all over the world, devotees celebrated at the feet of Baba Shivarudra Balayogi in the Dehra Dun Ashram of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust.

Gurudev Shivabalayogi’s senior disciples, Baba Maharaj and Lt Gen Hanut Singhji, performed the purnahuti of the Havan in honor of Shri Guru Maharaj. Earlier in the morning devotees worshiped Lord Ganesha and Special Puja was performed to Shri Guru Maharaj. Also morning prayers were held. There was one hour dhyana for devotees. Later devotees sang beautiful bhajans in honor of their beloved Gurudev Shivabalayogi. Then Baba Maharaj paid rich tributes to the great Guru and sang two powerful Bhajans. After the Maha Mangala Aarati, devotees and the poor were served food Prasadam in a mass-feeding programme. Everything was in perfect harmony. “The devotees and the poor together, no discrimination, all are the same to a Mother”, was what Gurudev always taught and emphasized.


Today sitting here, if you try to understand the great Tapas, that Shri Guru Maharaj performed, with unwavering concentration, steady determination, amazing dedication, disciplined sadhana for twelve years, you will start wondering whether such a person really existed and performed the task. Born for Tapas, Sathyaraju’s transformation to Shivabalayogi is a history that you all know. Again and again we surrender and prostrate with deep reverence and love at the lotus feet of The Great Divine Guru, Shivabalayogi.

When your efforts reach their height, when you achieve 100% concentration, when The Divine Grace descends, the Tapas starts. But Guru Maharaj, Shivabalayogi, got absorbed into Tapas in a moment’s notice. Since childhood, the boy never had any spiritual training or inclination. No practice, nobody taught Him anything. But by birth, His determination and strength was enormously great. Any work, anything He did was with total dedication, total concentration. He accepted challenges easily and faced them with ease, as if it was a play for Him. If you remember the moment that Lord Shiva came as Jangam Devar, you will be thrilled and your heart will be filled. He performed the Tapas in odd conditions, no facilities, with nature troubling Him, the Divine testing Him severely. Several others who sat for Tapas in that area could not continue. They got up and went away. Swamiji, Gurudev’s motto was, “Either finish the task successfully or die in the efforts, but never look back.”. The same training He gave us too. Never give up, even in the worst situations.

Very often humans do not understand that there is some problem in the mind. Its constant cravings are troubling. The mind keeps jumping into different thoughts continuously and never becomes single-pointed. First there is the need to make it single pointed through sadhana. When people are young, they claim there is nothing wrong in the mind and they are fine. Sincerely they do not want to accept that mind constantly craves, that it can not keep quiet even for a moment. So it is not easy to help people. By the time they get some idea about mental craving (tension), they would have passed their middle age and there are more worries and physical problems.

That was why Guru Maharaj always encouraged youngsters to take up dhyana practise. Guru Maharaj initiated people of all ages into the technique of meditation. Even for old people He said, “Do not worry about your age. It is the body which becomes old. Try to practise meditation as much as possible.”

Through self purification, by the practice of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga, followed by meditation, one recognizes and regains Supreme Consciousness of the pure nature of existence within. Its very nature is Supreme Peace. That is why Guru Maharaj emphasized on sadhana (efforts to achieve).

In simple terms, Karma Yoga is, while living in this world, in the way of life adopted, try to be sincere to your self. Try to keep the mind in God Consciousness by remembering God as All-Pervading, Omnipotent. When you a learn to recognize God everywhere, your mind gradually stops analyzing and making judgements of the world. Then have supreme reverence to God. Then also the mind learns acceptance. Try and put in efforts to the best of your abilities and resources available and then peacefully, without any grudge, accept the results. The mind will remain in the remembrance of God. Jnana Yoga : know that God is All-Pervading, mentally surrender. If you have the knowledge firmly, your mind will think of God only, without trying to define or judge God. Then also the mind becomes peaceful. Ultimately, meditate to make your mind single-pointed and rise above the dualities of good and bad, right and wrong. Do not get confused, I am talking of the mind (Consciousness) only. While living in the world, you have to analyze what is good and bad, real and unreal, eternal and transitory.

May you all be blessed with a long, happy, spiritually prosperous, peaceful life and with liberation from the bondage of the imaginations of the mind.

With Love and Blessings,

Baba Shivarudra Balayogi

Tapas Purti 2003

Copyright © 2003 SRBY, All rights reserved.

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