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If you think nothing exists then your mind drops everything

Questions and Answers 17 January 2015 – Part Three

Question :
The illusion in my mind and the illusion in someone else’s mind are they the same illusion? Do we share the same illusion? Or is this illusion my own and the other person’s completely theirs?

Babaji :
It is the same thing. The same thing has given you all different personalities. Like in your mind one illusion arises and it creates ten characters and builds up a beautiful story within your mind. And all those minds, the same, your own mind will go into all those ten characters and starts looking itself as those ten characters. Your own mind becomes a hero, your own mind becomes a villain, your own mind becomes a victim, your own mind becomes a happier one, your own mind becomes an unhappier one. Everything is all your own mind but when it is experiencing through the good, bad, your own mind becoming a hero, it will experience only the hero and it will not experience a villain. At that moment the villain appears as a separate entity to you. But when you go back to the villain again for you the hero appears as a separate entity. So it is the same mind experiencing different personalities in the same way different people experience different illusions though the illusion is the same – imagination.

Question :
When you are saying to relax, what you are saying is to think that nothing really exists, so everything drops away?

Babaji :
Yes, if you think nothing exists then your mind drops everything. Firmly you think, ‘stupid, nothing exists, oh, let me just keep quiet. Why should I bother when nothing exists?’ Then it will automatically drop because it is the strength of your own mind or the weakness of your own mind which keeps it or which can remove it. You think nothing is there, simply that’s it.

You can do it, don’t worry!

Question :
I think I have talked to you in the past about inheriting a mentally disturbed younger relative. He doesn’t like me but he’s very angry. I’m finding it very difficult to extricate myself. Can you advise me what I should do? I feel somehow I’m contributing to it.

Babaji :
Try to stand in your relative’s position. First thing, try to forgive him, whatever he is. Whether he likes you or dislikes you, you just think, ‘Oh, it’s OK, no problem. If he doesn’t like it’s no problem, but let me like him because I like him for the sake of liking him. Let me not put in any conditions such as if I like you also should like me. ‘ It is like, this body is here, I simply love everyone, whether anybody likes me or does not like me. Some people don’t like, some people like me, some people avoid me, some people try to worship me as a Guru, some people say, ‘we don’t want to have any Gurus, we don’t like anybody.’ But whatever they do simply I love. I don’t bother whether they love or not.

Like you all are sitting here. I also love all of you without bothering if you love me or not. Then my mind is so happy and it is always positive and doesn’t go into any negativity at all. So thus in this way if you also start thinking then you can extricate yourself from the entanglement, unnecessary conflicts that happen.

Do whatever you want to do and you can do to your nephew you just do it and stay out of the conflict. Like my Guru used to tell a beautiful example, ‘those who are crying cry with them. Those who are laughing laugh with them. But stay on the banks of the river, don’t fall into it.’

Question :
When you started on your spiritual path as Seenu, did you have an internal dialogue with your own Guru and did you ask Him within your mind for guidance and direction? Did you have this kind of internal relationship with your Guru?

Babaji :
Yes, I had in a different way, meaning I didn’t exercise any doubts I never tried to ask Him, but I used to have a dialogue to recognize everything that was happening as my Guru and just talked to Him, “OK, this is what You want I will accept, agree. Though I wanted it to happen in this way but if you have done in another way I will accept Your way finally. Though it is unpleasant for a while no problem, eventually I will accept because You are my Guru. I know You will only do good for me, You are my well-wisher and You will never do wrong to me whatever You want to do. Even if You break my head, even if You slap me – anything You do is for my good only, if You want me to be a commando or give me more inner strength. ” So that type of inner dialogue I always used to have recognizing Him in everything, as everything, from everywhere. That gave me a lot of peace and gave me His presence I felt was always with me and the guidance was there that everything that was happening was Him and nothing else. I simply went on putting in efforts though, whatever I wanted to do. I used to put in effort but I never got confused whether it happened or not, never bothered. I used to think, ‘Let me do it as a duty.’ If sometimes it didn’t happen, if it was unpleasant for a while then I used to have this dialogue, “OK, for a while this is unpleasant, please don’t mind that I’m feeling unpleasant. I will be alright very soon. I accept Your verdict whatever You want to do it is OK, I don’t have any real problem with You.” So this type of positive dialogue, so I developed positive attitude totally all the time and it gave a lot of pleasure and the beautiful presence of my Master was there.

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