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Dealing with difficult people

UK Retreat, September 2017

Question: In my work I often deal with difficult people who can be unreasonable. It can leave me very unsettled at times to the point where, when I try to sit in meditation I can’t put that down. Have you any suggestions on how to deal with this, please?

Babaji: You have to think that you are like a doctor trying to deal with patients. A doctor while dealing with the patients, cannot afford to get involved emotionally with them. He cannot afford to because if a doctor becomes involved with the patients emotionally the doctor himself might lose his health and become a patient eventually. Seeing them or their conditions, their habits, any such things, he just has to use his knowledge and wisdom and attend to them so that they are able to overcome their condition. In this way you also have to see and do not feel agitated by their nature if they are difficult people. You must feel happy that you are trying to help them, you need to remain composed, at peace and not emotionally become a victim of such people’s behaviour. It’s very natural for them to be like that, there is nothing that you have to feel about it, that is important.

Also, you have to strongly practise the meditation every day for one hour, then this meditation can be very helpful for you so that you don’t absorb the negativity of such people, you can remain positive. Meditation is the strongest remedy so that you don’t absorb any negativity, you don’t feel upset by their nature or any such things, it is very necessary that you think positively. You just have to remain yourself. You cannot afford to become like them when you are attending to them or dealing with such people, this is very important.

For example, as a Master of meditation, when I am dealing with the students who are unable to meditate, or finding it very difficult to meditate, I should not become the student himself, I must remain as a Master myself and try to raise the level of the student to a higher level so that the student can understand. In this way you have to think when you are dealing with difficult people, unreasonable people, you have to try to convince them and make them more mature instead of you getting involved and becoming a victim yourself.

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