Dedicated to the lotus feet of the divine guru Shivabalayogi Maharaj


Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram, Devarayasamudra

The Ashram is located in Shri Babaji’s ancestral village of Devarayasamudra, Kolar District in Karnataka, South India –  home to His family for at least fourteen generations, and auspiciously, the site of ‘Garudachayana’ – a special spiritual ritual performed for many days by Babaji’s great great great grandparents in 1849, and further similar rituals by later generations in 1892 and 1931.  The Ashram stands within this rich spiritual heritage and beautifully peaceful rural location, overlooked by the majestic ‘Bull Hill’.  A South India base for Shri Babaji and a centre for spiritual practice for devotees from around the world.

Main Ashram building and hall

Since its inauguration in 2016, the Ashram has seen significant development.  The main Ashram building houses the meditation hall in which the beautiful and mesmerising white marble statue of Shri Swamiji is a central feature.  The hall gives devotees a place for meditation, puja, satsang, bhajans and Aarati.  Lining the walls are photos marking the stages of the remarkable Tapas achievement of both masters – one side of Shri Swamiji and the other of Shri Babaji.

The Sri Shankara Sharada Sabhangana

Next door to the main building is the Sri Shankara Sharada Sabhangana – a large dining hall and community center with additional guest rooms and a photo gallery of Babaji’s Dikshit family heritage.

The Temple

The Temple complex has also expanded since its inauguration with numerous new idols and a construction of two new gopurams.

Young Swamiji in Tapas and lingams

There are two lingams with statues of a young Swamiji in tapas, one outside the temple and the other on a rock in front of the main building, where Babaji conducts abhishekham.

Hanuman Shrine

A short walk from the main Ashram complex is the Hanuman shrine, which sits on a large rock within the agricultural land around the Ashram.

Sacred Eagle

Close by is the sacred eagle, a monument historically recognized for the 14 day ritual guided by Babaji’s great great grandfather.

Agricultural land and Dairy

5.5 acres of agricultural land surround the Ashram with well and irrigation for growing fodder, peanuts, and beans bushels, plus mango, papaya, cocount, banana trees, guava, cashew, avocado and custard apple.

A cow barn with 17 cows milked twice a day for all Ashram use with the excess distributed in the village.

This has happened due to Grace of Shri Swamiji, followed by Shri Babaji’s Blessings and inspiration, Ambaji’s significant design contributions, and especially Sathya’s selfless dedication morning, noon, and night guiding all contractors for the best outcome these last 10 plus years, Bharathi’s loving care for all people coming to Devarayasamudra, Vijay’s family history contributions for context.

Lastly, remembering devotees from India, America, Australia, Europe and Malaysia making contributions to this wonderful Ashram appearance.

Two yearly meditation and Sadhana retreats have taken place at the Ashram with sincere spiritual seekers joining from around the world to retreat from their everyday lives and focus on spiritual practice in the presence of Shri Babaji.  We look forward to many more such retreats – subscribe to Shri Babaji’s newsletter to be notified when dates are available and applications are open.

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