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Support the Mission – Australia

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Australian Mission. All support in whatever way is very much appreciated.

About the Mission

Briefly the Australian Mission is a ‘not for profit’ registered association that is made up of financial members from whom a Management Committee is elected. However to give your help and support it is not necessary to be a financial member.

Meetings and Events

There are many ways that you can support Babaji’s Mission

As Babaji always recommends the best way is to practice the Meditation daily with dedication, determination and discipline.

Weekly meditation programs

Weekly meditation programs are held and this information can be found here on our local events page.

Babaji currently visits Australia twice a year usually in May and October.

As well as the above events the Mission holds functions to celebrate the Birthdays and other auspicious and significant achievements of Swamiji and Babaji such as Tapas Anniversaries.

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Practical Support

A tradition of Swamiji’s and Babaji’s lineage is that Meditation teachings will always be free of charge.

There are many ways to support the Mission and depending on your own commitments and desires all of the following can help the Mission.

If you have been following Babaji’s teachings and would like to become a financial member then you are always welcome to discuss this at any of the programs where the nomination forms are available.

Hosting Babaji’s visits involves significant costs for airfares, hall hire and advertising. Throughout the year the Mission holds a number of fund raising events and activities to help fund these costs and your support and participation is always very much appreciated. In order to do this volunteers are required for many and varied tasks. Some of the tasks might be setting up or packing up at the venues, helping to provide food, assisting with food stalls or inviting friends to participate in the events.


If you are unable to attend functions and would like to make a donation to assist with covering the costs of bringing Babaji back to Perth then there are two ways this can be done:


Cheques made payable to Shivabala – Shivarudrabalayogi Mission (Australia) Inc. and mailed to Treasurer:

Anu Young, 3 Hermite Rise, Sorrento 6020 Western Australia.

Direct deposit

Direct deposit into the Mission Bank Account. BSB 066160 A/c 10696473, please give details as donation and your name.

Please also email so your donation can be verified to the account.

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