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Jangama Meditation

Why Meditate?

Babaji explains that the basic aim of meditation is to quieten your mind.

If you observe your mind, you will notice that it is constantly thinking, jumping from one thought to another.  Not even for a fraction of a second does it seem to stop.

Thinking itself is not a problem, but if you can’t stop thinking, then it becomes a problem.  It has forgotten how to stop, giving rise to cravings and unhappiness. The mind makes you dance to its tunes.

To overcome this you have to purify the mind of these habits so that you can become the master of your mind.  Meditation is the method which enables you to achieve this. You will be able to think when you want to think and to stop thinking when you want to rest the mind.

Benefits of meditation

Memory and observation power, understanding capabilities and concentration and focus increases.  One can live happily, stress-free and face challenges in a composed way, without being mentally affected.  

If you pursue this meditation, eventually you can know your real Self, how you exist beyond the birth and death of the physical body – as the eternal entity, the immortal soul.  The permanent peace and happiness which we are all looking for is once and for all attained.

The technique

This meditation is one of the highest techniques that has been practiced since ancient times in India.  No external anchor is used, the mind becomes quiet on its own.    It must be practiced in a gentle way, not by forcing, not in a rush.  With a polite focus the attention is brought to a single point.

Jangama Meditation Instructions

•Sit comfortably keeping the back and neck straight.
•Close the eyes.
•Concentrate the mind and sight in between the eyebrows.
•Keep watching there by focusing the attention.
•Do not repeat or imagine anything – just watch.
•If thoughts or visions occur, just keep watching.
•Keep the eyes closed until the meditation ends.

Babaji recommends to build up to a practice of at least 1 hour of meditation, every day.  You can start with shorter periods and gradually extend the duration as you progress.

The three mantras of dedication, disciple and patience can make meditation easy.

Dedicate yourself, make it a priority.
Be disciplined; practice, practice, practice.
Be patient.  The mind has gone out of control since time immemorial.  It may take some time for it to come back.  

“Do not stop until the target is reached, do not give up efforts until the last breath of your life. It’s worth it.”

~ Shri Babaji

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